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    KISS (Official Thread)

    This band I actually use to hate, but over time as I started listening to there stuff I realized how much Paul Stanley could sing, he's definitely one of the best. There song's also have that nice hard rock style that I like. You can call me a KISS fanboy now lol.
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    Turn The Page versions: Bob Seger vs Metallica

    If this was a metal forum, the majority would go for Metallica, but I mean how can you beat a original. The song sounds way better when Segar sings it, I has a special kind of rhythm I like.
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    Immigrant Song vs Barracuda

    First off, very nice comparison choice, you clearly know your music :) It's a very tough decision (as is anything where both are awesome) but I would have to give it to Heart- Barracuda.
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    The Beatles vs Led Zeppelin

    These bands are both great in there own ways. Why compare them? It's pretty much a personal opinion, if your a pop kind of guy you go Beatles, if you like rock you go Zeppelin (just a assumption). I personally can't decide because they both got there great things about them.
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    What's up viewers :)

    Hey there, I always wanted to be on a classic rock forum ever since I started getting into classic rock (duh). Even though I'm only 14 years old I actually love the old music, from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, AC/DC to name a few. I also like some of the modern music too because it has...

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