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    Quiet Songs.

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    Doors (Official Thread)

    I will always be partial to The Doors. "Door" is in the name of the company that I founded based on my last name and in honor of The Doors (I was driving in Houston during one of our many rainstorms and "Riders on the Storm" came on the radio- that gave me the idea to use Door in the name of my...
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    What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

    I felt like I haven't given rock / pop albums from female artists as much of a fair shake as others. So, I put 10 on rotation: 1. Heart- Dreamboat Annie 2. Pat Benatar- Crimes of Passion 3. Fleetwood Mac - Tusk (OK, technically it's 2 female songwriters and a guy- but 2 vs. 1) 4. The...
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    Why Are The Beatles So Popular?

    Well, it helps to have 3 members who can write songs- and great ones, at that (trust me, no matter how popular the Beatles were, if their solo stuff was unmelodic garbage, people would NOT buy it). Then, their stuff sounded very modern for that time- Hard Day's Night was crystal-clear, etc. Man...
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    Heart (Official Thread)

    The Foo Fighters acknowledge rock royalty:
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    Quiet Songs.

    The other one that is really, really soft it this:
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    Quiet Songs.

    I always go back to this song from Deja Vu- even the singing is hushed through most of it:

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