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    Sexy Women in Music II

    Do they all have to be from rock and metal? If not...
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    Whitesnake - Trouble Is Your Middle Name (Official Audio Track)

    Don't :box: me, I am saying the following as a superfan of Snake! I'm not into this new song and think it sounds like a generic overproduced angst metal tune that would have been featured at the Ozzfest in 1999. It just gives me that vibe. Gotta pass on this one. Sorry!
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    What do you think, does Zeppelin III kind of count as a folk album?

    I think it does. "Friends" & "Gallows Pole" especially!
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    Van Halen - Fair Warning (Rate This Album)

    My VH rating system is very simple. If ole Diamond Dave sang it, it gets an A+, but if Sammy sang it, it gets an F and has to stay back this year.
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    Type O Negative

    Any other fans here? Even as anti-90s as I am in general I have always dug this band. I love the elements of Halloween and horror in their music, as well as the sound effects, Sal's wicked beats and Peter Steele's crazy sense of humor and unique vocal sound. It also helped that they were local...
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    Songs You Can't Stand

    the entire grunge genre It wasn't rappers who destroyed rock and roll and it wasn't internet technology. It was a bunch of sniveling whining greasy-haired smackhead depression patients in flannel shirts and converse sneakers. I am embarrassed to be a member of Generation X. Don't even blame...
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    Angeles del Infierno

    Do you like Rata Blanca?
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    Hey, any fellow drummers in here who know a lot about vintage kits?

    Wow, thanks, I would really appreciate it! I am looking to build up a setup like Cozy's tour kit from the early 80s (Whitesnake/Michael Schenker era)...doesn't have to be perfectly faithful, just good enough for a small timer like me. The main thing is gonna be getting all of it in stainless...
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    Hey, any fellow drummers in here who know a lot about vintage kits?

    I am looking to build up a custom kit (a vintage 80s job made out of unusual materials) and was wondering if anybody in here might be knowledgeable. I got some advice from a guy who is a longtime expert collector/seller, but I think he might be bullshitting me, and Craigslist is plain scary...
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    Songs You Can't Stand

    The '87 version of "Here I Go Again", I don't hate it, but the original version was way better imo. Pre-1986 Snake was best Snake.
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    Bands that refer to themselves

    Do you mean like how "LA Connection" was directly about Tony Carey ragequitting the band?
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    Black Sabbath/Dio - Children of the Sea Vs. Black Sabbath/Ozzy - Children of the Grav

    I can't believe Ozzy beat out Dio...Russian hackers must have broken into everybody's accounts on this thread or something
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    Great Bands That Would Be Better If They Had A Better Singer

    Oh yeah, you're right, I had forgotten all about him. I think they were considering Steve Marriott as well (?) I still say Ian Gillan would have been absolutely epic with Zep!
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    Your favourite post-Dio Rainbow album?

    Wow, I am the only one who prefers Bent Out of Shape! and also the only one who really hated Down to Earth.

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