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Jun 19, 2016
Dec 25, 2011
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Musicologist, from UK

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Jun 19, 2016
    1. Rock Candy
      Rock Candy
      Yeah, it's kinda a shame that it seemed to get left in the gutter after the rise of grunge and alternative music. As you've said, there were some absolute gems from that era. that no doubt would have been huge had they appeared a few years earlier.

      Good calls on the Noiseworks (Big fan of Jon Stevens here, what a voice!) and Diving for Pearls albums, both absolute gems in my eyes. Tall Stories I'm not so familiar with however, they were Steve Augeri's first professional band, weren't they?
    2. Rock Candy
      Rock Candy

      Just dropping a line to say thanks for the tip off on Distance's "Under the One Sky" album a while ago; I managed to score myself a copy of it a few days ago, and I'm really enjoying it!

      Thanks again an' all the best to you and your's,
      Rock Candy
    3. JerseyGirl
      Thanks, I will!

      Do you mean an Avatar pic? You do it the same as your profile pic. I usually download the pic to my computer and then under Edit Avatar, click on 'choose file', then click on the pic you want and click OK/Select (don't remember which it is). It should then upload. I have a Mac too. Hope that helps.
    4. coltrane2
      Thanks. Have seen B Adams twice and Def Leppard four times! Mirrorball is a great live album by Leppard, give it a go.

      Ps I've tried on my Mac but I can't get a flaming profile pic to work! Desperate to get that Keith Richards or Tom Petty snap on there!
    5. JerseyGirl
      Aww a little girl! That's great. I have one of each and I stopped after that. :D Wishing her health and happiness!

      Yeah, I went to concerts all the time in my 20's and 30's like you. Now I go to the occasional one here and there. Speaking of Hysteria, I saw Def Leppard with Brian Adams a couple years ago. That was a great show!

      Gonna add you as a 'friend'. ;)
    6. coltrane2
      It's a little girl, due in around two weeks.

      Yeah, I'm a little tired of the concert going thing overall to be honest. Am 40 now and obviously did it to death in my 20's and some more in my 30's. I did Download Festival in the UK a couple of years back and I was exhausted by the end of it (3 days of uncomfortable camping in blazing heat), but the music was great.

      Having said that I keep missing some of my favourite acts out of lethargy. Steve Earle, who I love, has played Birmingham 8 miles from where I live twice in the last three years and I missed him both times!

      We call scalpers "touts" in the UK and they really do spoil it for true fans attempting to get tickets. Nasty business.
    7. JerseyGirl
      Congratulations on the baby! That's wonderful! Do you know if it's a boy or girl?

      And I agree. With Bruce you either get him or you don't. I consider myself lucky that I 'get him'.

      Yes, tickets for this area went on sale yesterday. What a fiasco that was! All the scalpers rushed in and bought up a ton of seats and basically shut down Ticketmaster. I'm lucky I got any so I'm really grateful. There's a thread about that too. :D I'm not a fanatic about going to see him in concert. Once a tour is good for me. Some fans have been to 100's! But I may try again if he adds a 2nd leg of the US Tour in the fall.
    8. coltrane2
      Funnily enough, I was thinking about this earlier today. He's playing Manchester (about 150 miles from where I live),so that's about my best bet. My wife is about to have our second baby, so that may prevent travelling for concerts.

      Hey, I got really annoyed the other day when these young DJs on Radio 1 (which is the National radio station in the UK with millions of listeners) derided Springsteen as some kind of old timer shouty rock. I think he is a bit "love him or hate him" as I have masses of musically obsessed friends who aren't keen and others who are fanatics.

      Are you booked to see him on the US tour? I'll check our your GA thread.
    9. JerseyGirl
      I totally agree! Are you going to try to catch him on this tour? It's always nice to talk to other Bruce fans. It amazes me that there are so few of us on this board.

      Yes, I do like Gaslight Anthem. I made a thread about them, so check it out when you get some time. Bruce loves those guys too and plays with them often. They're coming out with a new CD this year.
    10. coltrane2
      Am far from a casual Springsteen fan. I have every "original song" studio album and followed him since Born In The USA, expanding backwards from there. For me he's part of a canon of untouchable top three US songwriters/ artists along with Dylan and Tom Petty.

      Only saw him once and only briefly in England on the BITUSA tour and am still kicking myself for missing him at Glastonbury. Do you like The Gaslight Anthem? There's some hope there in terms of natural New Jersey heirs!
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