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    Don Williams dead at 78

    Sad news!
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    Rate the song on the different music genre

    I enjoyed listening to The Kills "Cheap and Cheerful Hydrazoic Acid, it reminded me a little of this one by Rogue Traders
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    Rate the song on the different music genre

    I love The Kiss by Philip Glass, very classical and arty. I would rate 9/10 the mark reflects the music and the video :) I have chosen this Smashing Pumpkins - Dancing In the Moonlight. I love the rocky sound of this track, but the points are mainly for the video. 7/10 2nm4xv3firw
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    Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Reunite in Studio

    Great news, and I agree Sweaty!
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    Rate the song on the different music genre

    You Tube went onto auto play and this track kicked in from George Harrison. I like this one quite a lot so had to post :) yGKPHFrHVVY Certainly got that feel good factor to it :)
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    Rate the song on the different music genre

    I agree Aero, they definitely didn't get the recognition they deserved. I've done a bit of tweaking, so now my vids are playable - a bit of a novice still, lol! Love the Carly Simon video, and what about those cameo's lol. Art Garfunkel and George Harrison, amazing, and on that note. Here...
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    Rate the song on the different music genre

    One of my favourite tracks by Pyschedelic Furs - Pretty in Pink Hope you like it :D pqmTMiIMG74
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    Rate the song on the different music genre

    Thanks for posting your various tracks, I've enjoyed listening to them all and thank you for introducing me to some Artists I hadn't heard of. I will rate the one's I have listened to and then I will post a couple of my own:) Posted by Hydrazoic Acid - C.C. Catch - Strangers by Night. I...
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    Your Holy Grail(s) of Album Purchases

    Plant Earth Promo. I still remember how excited I felt when I got this :) Happy Days, lol!
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    Black Sabbath Plays Last-Ever Concert: Video, Set List

    Sad news! It's probably getting a bit much for Ozzy, lol :)
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    Personal Video isn't playing???? (Resolved)

    The S does not work for me :( Hi, I'm not sure if this post will get picked up but I've tried using the s after the http and that doesn't work either. Did you list as https:// Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you.
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    Peter Starstedt Dies aged 75

    Very sad news, read about this a couple of days ago. He will always be remembered for this classic song :) L8XQZYIiNgo
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    David Bowie’s Last Known Songs Released as ‘No Plan’ EP

    Beautiful! Such a sad loss :'(
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    The Answer (Official Thread)

    I remember Street Teaming for these guys in the early days - gawd I suddenly feel old, lol
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    Disapointment of 2016

    Very sad year indeed, I too have lost on a personal level in 2016, hoping 2017 is a better year for us all :)

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