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    Metal Poll 10!!

    Hangar 18 is one of the most awesome pieces of music I know.
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    2013 Classic Rock Forums Hall of Fame inductees

    It was a fun ride!
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    Three Of The Best

    MEGADETH had two of these "runs" as far as I'm concerned. First with their first three albums with more of a rough edge but plenty of aggression: And then their massive hits Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction and Youthanasia, which I consider metal masterpieces.
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    2013 CRF Hall of Fame. Inductions! The end is here.

    Buffalo Springfield Curtis Mayfield Eddie Cochran Golden Earring Van Morrison Small Faces Bachman Turner Overdrive
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    Megadeth - Youthanasia (1994)

    Just got into this album, I have to say it's amazing and definitely one of the best metal albums I've heard.
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    Rust in Peace vs. Rust Never Sleeps

    They are both amazing but RiP is a bit more amazing.
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    Alex Lifeson - Beneath Between & Behind solo VS Jimmy Page - Living Loving Maid solo

    I voted for Zep because the Rush one sounds more like a riff than a solo to me. That's Heartbreaker, not Living Loving Maid btw.
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    Eddie Van Halen - Eruption VS Alex Lifeson - Freewill solo

    I don't think Alex is a great solo guitarist most of the time. He has his big moments (e.g. Xanadu solo, 2112 solo, Finding My Way solo) but I went with EVH.
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    Thank You vs You're My Best Friend

    One of Zeppelin's most beautiful songs VS a fairly generic Queen song. THANK YOU
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    Highway To Hell vs Overkill

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    Geographical Songs PT 2

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    Battle of Heaven

    Stairway and Knockin'
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    Thick As A Brick BY FAR

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