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Big Ears
Jul 3, 2011
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Hampshire, England

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Big Ears

Music Lover, from Hampshire, England

Well spotted. Good to see you too. I hope you are keeping well. Please see my explanation on the forum. Oct 2, 2017

    1. electric funeral
      electric funeral
      Nice to see you back!! You're right with both album comments!! Thanks
    2. Nora
      Hey! I just wanted to say thanks for posting that cute picture in Four Seasons Game thread :)
    3. electric funeral
      electric funeral
      I first heard of Robin Trower when I was about 15. Love him ever since. Great guitarplayer and he had the good fortune to have a fantastic vocalist in James Dewar.
    4. KingHeadache
    5. KingHeadache
      Love the ears ! :cheers2
    6. electric funeral
      electric funeral
      Thanks for the cool Led Zep vid!!
    7. Riff Raff
      Riff Raff
      Removed a duplicate to the Black thread you had made. :)
    8. Abraxas
      Definitely. He actually ran into one of the doctors about four or so years later and reminded him of what he said. All the doctor could do was just stand there with nothing to say. :)
    9. Abraxas
      That's good to know that your father went peacefully and that everything worked out in the end despite the harsh winter. Sorry about the stroke he suffered. My dad had heart problems since he was a kid. He was told by the doctors about ten years ago that he would'nt live to see 65. He lasted ten more years than they predicted though he did suffer minor heart attacks. Still it was good that he proved them wrong and went away peacefully as well.
    10. Abraxas
      It's been an emotional week especially having to explain to everyone we meet about what happened. My dad did'nt want a funeral (due to money matters). He opted to be cremated. Music and writing usually helps me though the writing part has been a challenge. Music is very helpful. Been listening to a lot of Dave Matthews Band stuff that I find theraputic.
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    Hampshire, England
    Reading, visiting the gym
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