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    Testament (Official Thread)

    Re: Testament My favorite thrash band. Especially since they are one of very few old thrashers who still puts out decent albums. Oh, and Chuck Billy is one of the most awesome frontmen in all of music.
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    Focus (Official Thread)

    Re: Focus Absolutely splendid band, and Thijs is a genius in the true sense of the word.
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    A Social Grace

    10: Classic The best album by the best prog metal band ever. Absolutely staggering stuff.
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    Dark Matter

    Superb. Second only to "The Wake" IMO.
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    Favorite progressive rock bands?

    1. Genesis 2. Kansas 3. Marillion 4. Yes 5. Jethro Tull 6. Focus 7. IQ 8. King Crimson 9. The Soft Machine 10. Magma 11. Pink Floyd 12. Barclay James Harvest 13. Eloy 14. Gentle Giant 15. Van Der Graaf Generator
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    The Divine Wings Of Tragedy

    Superb. SX is pretty much the best powerprog-band out there.
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    Spirit (Official Thread)

    Re: The "Spirit" Band Thread So far I've only made myself familiar with this album. Strange and interesting stuff. :grinthumb
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    Fear Of A Blank Planet

    Superb. A modern prog masterpiece. (Btw, it was released in 2007. You have a typo, joe.)
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    Pallas - The Dreams of Men

    Yup. But I actually think they deserve it - at their best. Fair enough. That's a position shared by quite a few prog-enthusiasts.
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    Pallas - The Dreams of Men

    A beautiful effort from the scottish neo-proggers. IMO, Pallas at their best are as good as IQ, Pendragon and - dare I say it - Marillion. I highly recommended this album. Here's the opening: 3Kb5GOUa3hI And my favorite track from the album: vbs-15QxuDY "We're sailing to America - on...
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    Ritual - The Hemulic Voluntary Band

    :tup: I also recommend that you check out Think Like A Mountain. Excellent stuff.
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    Tbh, I see Asia as a skilled AOR-band rather than a progband. As far as AOR goes, this is good stuff. I'll give it an 8.
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    Awesome band. One of the five best doom-bands for sure. Beyond the Crimson Horizon is an incredible masterpiece.
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    Ray Price (Official Thread)

    On the twelfth of january the great Ray Price will be 85 years old. I repeat: 85! Ray Price on Wikipedia Ray Price Discography Fan Club That is completely staggering to me, since he sounds virtually as good as he always has. I mean, listen to this clip from 2010: wbQG007nCPM Or...
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    Ritual - The Hemulic Voluntary Band

    I can almost guarantee it, LG. :D

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