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    Deep Purple "NOW What?"

    Steve Morse has loyally stuck with the band for many, many years. If there were to just dump him now - even for Blackmore - they would lose me. Not that they would probably care!
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    Favourite Places To Buy Music?

    There are a couple local stores, Co-op Records and Ragged Records, and Barnes & Noble have a pretty good selection. Online, it's either Amazon or CD Imports.
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    Favorite Debut Album

    Emerson Lake & Palmer
  4. bapeterson

    Bob Dylan vs. Tom Waits vs. Celine Dion

    Bob Dylan by far
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    Animal Poll Part I

    White Rabbit
  6. bapeterson

    Best Song On The Beatles-Magical Mystery Tour (1967)

    Fool On the Hill, but I like Baby You're a Rich Man too
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    Unpopular Albums That You Like?

    I agree about Drama. It is one of my favorite Yes albums. I also like Fly From Here - another one I don't believe is too popular.
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    Comeback of the year?

    I'll say The Beach Boys, but Bonnie Raitt recorded a great album - her first in quite a few years.
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    By The Time I Get To Phoenix vs California Dreaming

    California Dreaming by a slight margin
  10. bapeterson

    Wont Get Fooled Again VS Free Bird

    Didn't have to think on this one - The Who
  11. bapeterson

    Jumpin' Jack Flash vs. Time Of The Season

    Both are great, but Jumpin' Jack Flash for me
  12. bapeterson

    Mood For A Day vs. The Clap

    Mood for a Day

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