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    Sexy men in music!

    Sandy Marton
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    Sexy men in music!

    Rick Springfield
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    Sexy men in music!

    Yesss ↑ More Joey Tempest..
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    Sexy Women in Music II

    Lili & Susie Paivarinta
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    Sexy Women in Music II

    Emmylou Harris
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    "Hair Metal" vs Grunge

    Honey, I think you missed the fact that I'm agreeing with your stance! Where did I say Nirvana was even close to GnR? I said Alice n Chains was influenced by them. Listen to their demos and you'll see they started out as a glam band.
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    Sexy Women in Music II

    Laura Brannigan!
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    "Hair Metal" vs Grunge

    Breaking gender rules and showing that doing your hair and makeup does not equal "dressing like a woman". Or wanting to be a woman. Goes back to the early 70s glam rock movement with artists like David Bowie sporting an androgynous look.
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    "Hair Metal" vs Grunge

    I've always been a glam guy. Hell, I even still *look* like one haha! I come from a pretty different (Japanese) cultural background where Glam metal never really died, it just evolved within itself and started incorporating more influence from thrash (bizarrely enough), goth and new wave. We...
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    Sexy men in music!

    Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, the absolute archetype of the hot twins~
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    Sexy men in music!

    YES someone else finds mick mars hot!!! He's my favourite of motley crue~
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    Billie Jean or When Doves Cry?

    Controversial opinion but for me it's definitely Billie Jean. More energy, plus I'm much more of a fan of Michael personally. Also as a bassist, I appreciate the good bassline in Billie Jean and a lot of MJ stuff, where as When Doves Cry is bass-less.
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    Zig Zag wanderer Here☆

    Yes is my favourite prog band ^-^ Welcome to the forum!
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    Songs You Can't Stand

    Any of that Djent and metalcore type stuff. The vocals when they are present are very grating, the melodies are super simple and boring and dont do much for me
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    Does angus young have autism

    It's possible. I have aspergers myself.. I can see what you mean. On a similar note, i've always suspected the same thing of Edgar Winter

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