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    Riverside (Official Thread)

    Just saw them live last night in Underground Pub in Iasi, Romania, promoting their latest album Shrine of New Generation Slaves. What a fabulous concert! They are truly amazing live with a perfect sound and great skill and artistic sensitivity in music. It was a pure progressive metal show...
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    Best AC/DC clone of today??

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    Greatest Videos 18!!

    Money For Nothing
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    Cathedral (Official Thead)

    Cathedral-The Last Spire Release date: 04/30/2013 Unfortunately the last Cathedral album but what a superb doom metal album. o7v8KZZBeKE
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    Siblings 2..

    Angus & Malcolm Young
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    Best Band logo.....

    Iron Maiden
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    Rythm Guitarist Battle

    K.K. Downing
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    Rhythm Guitarist Battle #2

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    Bassist Battle #3

    Roger Glover
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    Metal: American or European?

    European, generally speaking, but there are some great American metal bands i like and respect.
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    ***! Drugs! Rock and Roll!

    Motley Crue
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    What Judas Priest Song Do You Enjoy More?

    Screaming For Vengeance
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    Random 70's Album Battle

    Led Zeppelin IV

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