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Sep 24, 2019
Mar 21, 2010
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Supine In The Sunshine

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Sep 24, 2019
    1. Chevelle
      I like Marscape and I need to dig it out and give it a listen, it's been awhile.
      Gary Moore played a variety of styles but when it comes to J/R/F I have to mention Colosseum II "Electric Savage" from 1977, it's a pretty intense LP.
      Another band I liked was Scope from Holland. I have their self-titled album and their second from 1975 called Scope II. The first one is good but I lean toward Scope II. Check it out if you get a chance.
      I'm envious of some of the vinyl that the members here have been picking up. I do have some gaps in my collection and I probably should start looking around.
    2. Chevelle
      I like Sea Son and it's a very close second to Krankenhaus. Furtive Pearl is up there with the first two and Astarte would be a distant fourth place.
      My Brand X LPs are Unorthodox Behaviour, Moroccan Roll and Livestock. John Goodsall and Percy Jones are xlnt on guitar and bass.
      I also have an album called Marscape by Jack Lancaster and Robin Lumley that includes Collins, Goodsall and Jones.
    3. Chevelle
      I like Secret Oyster a lot and have four LPs. I think my favorite is Straight To The Krankenhaus from 1977, then Sea Son from 1974. The guitarist, Claus Bohling was in an earlier band called Hurdy Gurdy (1971). It was a trio and leaned a little more toward hard rock.
      There were a couple of bands from Sweden in the seventies that I like. One is Kornet from 1975 and the other is Energy from 1974. I have the first self-titled album from each of these bands and like them both.
      I also like Brand X and have three of their albums. All the members are great musicians.
    4. Chevelle
      I got into J/R/F in the seventies when rock guitarists like Jeff Beck and Tommy Bolin "crossed over" and worked with some jazz artists.
      Nova has been a long time favorite with "Blink " being a great album.
      Flying Island caught my attention because I like electric violin on rock and jazz/rock albums. I have a few albums by Jean-Luc Ponty and they are all xlnt.
      Larry Coryell is an underrated American guitarist who has done some great albums including "Twin House" with he and Philip Catherine playing acoustic guitar only.
      You might want to look into the band Isotope. This is a high energy J/R/F band from the seventies with Gary Boyle playing very hot guitar comparable to Allan Holdsworth.
    5. electric funeral
      electric funeral
      Thanks for the album comment.
    6. Tek_54

      Ohh, my fav band is CCR, I like Zep, Stones, the band, Foreigner, arosmith, bon jovi, ramones,, marley, richie valence, elvis, joan jett....
      very classic likes
    7. Tek_54
      Ohh, thanks for answer.
      I can undertand what busy life is, no I haven't but I know
    8. StarThrower
      Speaking of Songs For Insane Times, I bought the box set last year. I played the hell out of it. I love the songs you mentioned as well as Gemini Child, and practically everything on the whole set.
    9. StarThrower
      I love Kevin Ayers!
    10. Tek_54
      Were are you from??
      Likes?? Dislikes??
      Zep or CCR??
      Rolling or Doors?
      REO or Foreigner??
      AC/DC or Kiss??
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    You don't need drugs to enjoy Pink Floyd, you need Pink Floyd to enjoy drugs.

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