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    Yardbirds Launch Pledge Campaign for New Album

    Doesn't mean much when the Yardbirds are little more than a brand name today. They have the drummer? Oh, great, can't wait for Ringo's big Beatles reunion album.
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    Your top 3 songs on the album Ziggy Stardust?

    1. Five Years 2. Starman 3. Ziggy Hm: RnR Suicide
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    Rolling Stones confirm new album!!

    Wow, already? I mean they just released a record. Great news!
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    YES Vs. YES

    Anderson's band is the real Yes. The other one should quit.
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    Tell me some good rock songs

    Here's a few songs you might like based on Unforgiven... BfuWXRZe9yA 1OYw7FPB7CE TFjmvfRvjTc And a few based on AC/DC kEGuHdKn0Lc -r679Hhs9Zs aowSGxim_O8 Welcome to the club! There's plenty to explore.
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    Number Of The Beast vs Master Of Puppets

    Definitely Puppets for me. I'll take thrash over NWOBHM in almost any circumstance.
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    Paramore (Official Thread)

    Zac the drummer is back! Wish Josh was back as well... and founding bassist Jeremy Davis seems to have left the band as well. Haven't listened to the new album yet, looks like they've gone in a poppier direction which isn't my preference but depending on how they pull it off it could be a...
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    Guns N’ Roses, The Who Team Up For One (And Possibly More) Shows

    I wouldn't expect bands separated by two full decades, each very much representative and indicative of their era, to fit well enough together. But I actually think this is a very fair fit here. They're both rambunctious, rebellious rock n roll with a punkish kind of straight-forwardness.
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    Rock Songs with Driving Rhythm Section?

    GPKnpp5sQdA _ZvZAvcGUz8
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    So now we have two YES?

    The true Yes is back! The other band should change their name. It was disgraceful the way they kicked out Anderson in the first place.
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    Happy Birthday AboutAGirl!

    Aw, thanks. You're too kind. :'D
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    Ten Years After (Official Thread)

    Yeah they've got a whole bunch of great albums! Doesn't have the best individual tracks per se' but Stonedhenge is the king of the heap for me. As far as psychedelic freakout albums go (so, like, Satanic Majesties, Sgt Pepper) Stonedhenge is my favorite. TYA's heavy jazz influence gave the...
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    Is Queen touring with the wrong singer?

    Technical skill means less than nothing to me. The work that Sabbath did with Ozzy and Halen did with Roth will always be way more iconic than what the bands did after. The fact that Lambert doesn't sound like Freddie is precisely why I like him as a pick, it encourages the band to tweak its...
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    AC/DC (Scott era) vs. (Johnson era)

    I certainly would not say that Johnson is better, but I do prefer the work they did with Johnson.
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    Unconfirmed Rumor: Axl Rose and Angus Young Prepping New AC/DC Album

    I'd like to hear it, could be interesting.

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