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  1. CP/M User
    I was looking up (In My) Solutitude by Billie Holiday and the next thing I know a picture of her is on display here as Random Media!
  2. Marla 1976
    This song makes me cry. One of my favorite Cinderella songs. Another masterpiece from the genius Keifer. My love is like a steam train rolling down the tracks - killer lyrics....
  3. MaryFallzzz
    Love the cover...but to correlate with the Title I'd have put storm clouds...and/or especially lightning to compound a division of metal...Artist did a phenomenal job though mixing the norm with...
  4. Nai Noswad
    Right up my alley..The Cocked Hat pub in Notts...great times. Freddie Fingers Lee bouncing his glass eye at Crazy Cavan gigs..good times and good music 10/10.
  5. Nai Noswad
    All Zombies material is excellent..Tell Her No..and even a mention in a cult film.

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