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Slower but just as heavy as ever and even more bad ass !!

Slower but just as heavy as ever and even more bad ass !!
DaKillerWolf, Sep 2, 2011
    • Riff Raff
      My favourite Slayer album, better then Reign in Blood in my opinion. :D
    • DaKillerWolf
      Yeah, Reign in Blood is overrated. My least favorite out of their first 5. That's not saying it's bad by any means as I love their first 5. I do think a lot of people who don't really listen to it pay lip service to it just because it is supposedly "the greatest thrash album ever", though.
    • AtomicPunk
      This one is really good. It is a tie for me between this one and Show No Mercy.
    • joe
      I have no one fav of the "Unholy Trinity". All three superb for different reasons. South Of Heaven for it being more "doomy".
    • joker1961
      fellow up to RIB Killer...
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    Some favorites of mine Pt.I
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    Sep 2, 2011
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