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Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds

Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds
snowblue, Aug 16, 2010
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    • LG
      One of the most unique albums ever recorded, I love it and am on my 3rd copy now. I still have the vinyl but the album is worn out, I keep it cause it's a great cover and the booklet is excellent as well.
    • snowblue
      Nice to hear from you, LG! It's definitely a great album. Have you seen the stage version? I saw it in Glasgow about 4 years ago and it was well worth seeing. If it ever reaches your part of the world, I recommend it!
    • Rocker440
      It's nice to both see and know I'm not one of a few that has this exceptional release! :cheers2 I've been enjoying this excellent adaption of the classic for several years, too! I also have a few different editions on vinyl and CD formats. :)
    • snowblue
      Hi, Rocker! :grinthumb
    • snakes&ladders
      Do you have this??!
    • Ember
      I LOVED this album! A live stage version of this sounds amazing.
    • joker1961
      great sound track a CLASSIC...
    • Rating:
      I saw the live show. Amazing production.
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    Aug 16, 2010
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