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Jonny Come Lately

Animals Pink Floyd (1977)

Pink Floyd (1977)
Jonny Come Lately, Aug 20, 2014
    • Vader
      My favorite Floyd album followed by WYWH
    • Jonny Come Lately
      Animals is in my top three Floyd albums although only in third place - I find it very difficult to choose between DSOTM and WYWH for number one spot (although if pushed hard enough would probably give it to WYWH). Overall I this album is great and has no filler tracks - the three big songs are outstanding and the two halves of Pigs On The Wing provide perfect bookends for the album and a pleasant contrast with the rather darker material making up the bulk of the album. I would probably pick Sheep as my favourite song, I love just about everything about it but in particular would highlight the driving bass, Waters' brilliant lyrics and Gilmour's brilliant outro.

      I would rank it above The Wall which although I think is great for the most part has a couple of tracks which I don't really listen except when listening to the whole thing, while Meddle has the slightly weak Seamus (I love everything else on that album though). Those would be numbers four and five on my list, not sure which way round though.
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    Aug 20, 2014
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