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61vQ3yPFsXL SS500

61vQ3yPFsXL  SS500
METALPRIEST, Feb 17, 2010
    • Riff Raff
      In my honest opinion this is Judas weakest album.
      Yeah, but it's really a sit down and chill album. IMO it's the closest album they made along the lines of Sad Wings Of Destiny, Sin After Sin,Rocka Rolla ect. Even though those three albums are indeed better.
    • Riff Raff
      I agree, I actually like this album despite my earlier comment, is good chill out music, but it aint the same without Halford for mine.
      Halford is on this.....:grinthumb It is his second album back with the band.
    • Riff Raff
      Yeah thats what I figured too lol
      I had researched it, he did return for this and Angel of Retribution, for some reason Id thought Owens was still the singer.
      Owens was trying to hang in there for awile! LOL!! I like him...his solo stuff and Beyond Fear stuff is pretty good. But I like his short lived,two albums with Iced Earth and now he's on his second album with Yngwie Malmsteen...if he doesn't go onto the next, he's gonna be known as the singer that sings two albums with already famous bands. :heheh:
    • Riff Raff
      I have listened a couple of times, I don't consider it the weakest album I once did :)
      It's a groovy disc :grinthumb
    • ledzeppelin2018
      I think that Judas Priest should be ended with Painkiller. This album is great, but i prefer the first 12 albums (1974 - 1990)
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