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  1. Jim Morrison
  2. Sharp Dressed Man
  3. Fabio
    Per aspera ad astra: one can reach the stars only passing through the hard times !
  4. conklinwj
    I am a doo wop collector w/ 9000+ rare recordings. Contact me at [email protected] for more info.. Bill
  5. Old Dude
    Old Dude
    Kick me out for two weeks because some asshole started shit with me, and I'm gone.
  6. MaryFallzzz
    Enjoying Music
  7. Silent Lion
    Silent Lion
    And of course you can surrender too, but you are the things you do.
  8. ahmadjun
  9. GlamRock4Ever
    Looking to connect with 80s rock music fan influencers if you know of some send me their Twitter or social media contact
  10. SanguineRemedy
    SanguineRemedy Mistral Wind
    Hello, it's good to see you active once more, we did miss you much in the rate the song threads..
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    2. Mistral Wind
      Mistral Wind
      Hi, Cadleson! It took me a while to understand who you were! Nice change of nickname! :-)
      Thanks for your kind words! I have been very busy in this period, so I had no time to come here... but I can never leave this place! I love this forum. I can learn about so many new (and old) artists and songs here. I will always come back! :-)
      Mar 10, 2019
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