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  1. BikerDude
    There was a little tool shed Where he made us suffer.
  2. GlamRock4Ever
    GlamRock4Ever bowochristantyo
    Hey bowo, just saw that there has been an earthquake in Indonesia. Are you allright? Check in let us know.
  3. GlamRock4Ever
    GlamRock4Ever Contrarian1
    And how do I watch any reviews of Metal albums on that site? Not really interested in Blue Oyster Cult etc but they are classic rock
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    2. Contrarian1
      Right now our channel is relatively new, next episode is iron maiden though, next Sunday. In the mean time feel free to check out BangerTV for reviews of classic and current metal also check out for everything related to his books and reviews.
      Thank you for comment :)
      Aug 5, 2018
  4. GlamRock4Ever
    GlamRock4Ever Contrarian1
    Hey man, I wrote something on your "Introduce yourself" thread, maybe this is a does your channel work? I will check it out. Is there anyway to IM?
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  5. Contrarian1
  6. Needs More Cowbell
    Needs More Cowbell Nora
    Back again and udderly happy
  7. joker1961
    oh argh! ooh Shit!!!!
  8. GlamRock4Ever
    Please message me if you want to join a discussion (to start in August) on the top 50 Metal albums. Plan is to meet regularly YEAH
  9. GlamRock4Ever
    Music is such a part of my life, and has saved my life many times RIGHT
  10. MerlynKing
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