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New Profile Posts

  1. CrazyConnie
  2. E-Z
    E-Z Sharp Dressed Man
    Hey SDM I am going to change my avatar probably tomorrow night when I get back into work if you don't mind changing it yet again thanks.
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  3. rbt1201
    senior member
  4. E-Z
    E-Z Nai Noswad
    Hey Ian have a look on what you are listening to (no videos) I posted something about how Thin Lizzy Live And Dangerous got called after the Lizzy manager spoke with Bernie Rhodes manager of The Clash I read it in a book about Phil Lynott
  5. CharlieWex
  6. Southern Comfort
    Southern Comfort E-Z
    Hey E-Z.. Didn't know till this morning you responded in my profile page. But got ya.
    Had the chance to see a few bands you mentioned in concert. Way back in the late 70's. Cheers!!
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  7. E-Z
    E-Z Southern Comfort
    Hiya Southern Comfort. No I'm not an American I am from England born and bred. As for the 'Cal jam' of 1974 I have a bit of an interest in the festival after originally watching Deep Purple's performance on video cassette back in the 1980s. I like American heavy rock bands from the 1970s like Mountain, Montrose, Boston, Ted Nugent, Johnny Winter & Rick Derringer and a number of others from that decade.
  8. E-Z
    E-Z Nai Noswad
    Ian, I posted a music news paper cutting from the 1970s on MAN on my last post that you already have seen.
  9. Scary Stuff
    Scary Stuff
    Scary Stuff's newest single Haunted House is out right now! Go and listen at the Soundcloud link if you dare...
  10. E-Z
    E-Z That 70s Guy
    70s Guy you can delete my post on 'A minor irritation' if you want to it's probably the PC that I am using that is the issue.
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