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New Profile Posts

  1. MarkWesleyCurran
    Slightly out of tune but wearing a mask.
  2. Nora
    Nora CurtRHCP
    Hey Curtis, I love your avatar picture, you look awesome, like a good country singer! I would buy your album!!
  3. E-Z
    Thanks again SDM I am always listening to Boston's first & second albums great.
  4. Sharp Dressed Man
  5. E-Z
    E-Z Sharp Dressed Man
  6. monglot
    love love love live. Aliens are here
  7. E-Z
    E-Z Sharp Dressed Man
    SDM that quote is on 'Axe players we like'
  8. Stric9
    Most of the apparent truths I've come to know have been provided to me by listening to punk rock.
  9. E-Z
    E-Z Sharp Dressed Man
    SDM is my post on 'Axis player we like' acceptable to you in regards to what Keith Richards use to say to describe himself?.
  10. E-Z
    "Welsh progressive rock hippy"
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