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  1. Sharp Dressed Man
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  2. E-Z
    E-Z Sharp Dressed Man
  3. Mental Fracture
    Mental Fracture
    Progressive rock and metal band from israel
  4. mysticman52
    mysticman52 Lynch
    Let me get this straight. You strip away "Jumping Jack Flash" by Johnny Winter cuz you prefer the Stones version. OK. You later put in 1984's "Panama" by Van Halen, which is technically not "classic rock", generally understood to be the period 1967-1982. I guess I joined the wrong forum then. I'm outta here. Adios, amigos!
  5. Flowerchild67
    Flowerchild67 OldHippie
    Hello everyone! I am so excited to interact with kindred spirits again be you old to tenemos with and the young to learn from!
  6. E-Z
    E-Z Sharp Dressed Man
    Great avatar SDM i won't ever be changing that one (your be ppleased to know) ha ha ha...
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  7. E-Z
    E-Z Sharp Dressed Man
  8. Nai Noswad
    Nai Noswad
    Married to a record collection!
  9. RockMusicOn
  10. abasovoleksii
    Абасов Олексii
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