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  1. How about these two albums
  2. Aerosmith - Rocks VS Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak?
  3. Double Down Dylan
  5. Blind Melon Debut...
  6. Best Metal Album Of 1986 !
  7. Best Metal Album of 1980 !
  8. Best Album of The 60's
  9. John Corabi...UNPLUGGED ALBUM........
  10. Motley cure album
  11. Mighty rearranger
  12. Me and the Devil..................
  13. which of the three metal bands from hell
  14. Which Rush Album Is The Better ONE!
  15. Best Album By The Flower Kings Live
  16. which flower kings album?
  17. Marillion Concept Album
  18. which concept album is the better ONE
  19. Fave ELP Albums
  20. Led Zeppelin III vs. Chicago III
  21. Vinyl or cd`s
  22. Favourite Santana album?
  23. Jimi Hendrix or Dunne Allman
  24. Countdown to Extinction vs. Vulgar Display of Power
  25. Van Halen: Best of Both Worlds Vs. Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same
  26. The Wall vs. The Dark Side Of The Moon vs. Wish You Were Here
  27. Tori Amos Album Battle
  28. Pearl Jam - Best Album so far...?
  29. Pink Floyd 'More' vs. 'Obscured By Clouds'
  30. Smashing Pumpkins Album Battle
  31. Leftoverture vs. Point Of Know Return
  32. Battle Of The Crims
  33. 1990 Metal: Painkiller vs Rust in Peace
  34. U2's Pop vs. All That You Can't Leave Behind
  35. Draw The Line vs Long Live Rock n Roll
  36. Hair of the Dog vs Virgin Killer
  37. High Voltage vs Montrose
  38. Nantucket Sleighride vs Who Do You Think We Are
  39. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road vs Tommy
  40. All Things Must Pass vs Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs
  41. Electric Ladyland vs Exile on Main Street
  42. Physical Graffiti vs The Wall
  43. The Devil You Know Vs. 13
  44. Cricklewood Green vs Humble Pie
  45. Bridge of Sighs vs Disraeli Gears
  46. Axis: Bold as Love vs Tres Hombres
  47. Thrash Metal Albums
  48. Burn vs Demons and Wizards
  49. Sad Wings of Destiny vs Technical Ecstasy
  50. Caress of Steel vs Tyranny and Mutation
  51. Hair Metal Albums
  52. Death Metal Albums
  53. Hall of the Mountain Grill vs The Yes Album
  54. Animals vs Trilogy
  55. A Trick of the Tail vs War Child
  56. Ace of Spades vs Kill 'Em All
  57. Back in Black vs Number of the Beast
  58. Lovedrive vs Screaming For Vengeance
  59. Degüello vs On Time
  60. Fresh Cream vs Mountain
  61. Skid vs Taste vs Thin Lizzy
  62. Supertramp vs. ELO
  63. (Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd) vs. The Allman Brothers Band
  64. Southern Rock Self Titled Album Battle
  65. Which Megadeth Album Do You Prefer?
  66. Best Black Sabbath Ozzy Album
  67. Tapestry vs. Blue
  68. Tim Armstrong Battle
  69. 80s Live Albums 4...
  70. 80s Live Albums 3...
  71. 'Live' Bullet vs. Nine Tonight
  72. 80s Live Albums 2...
  73. 80s Live Albums..
  74. Random 80's Album Battle
  75. Random 70's Album Battle
  76. 70s Live Albums 5...
  77. 70s Live Albums 4...
  78. 70s Live Albums 3...
  79. 70s Live Albums 2..
  80. 70s Live Albums..
  81. Southern Rock Album Battle #5
  82. Southern Rock Album Battle #4
  83. Southern Rock Album Battle #3
  84. Southern Rock Album Battle #2
  85. Southern Rock Album Battle #1
  86. Bayou Country vs Toulouse Street
  87. American Exce$$ vs. Doc Holliday Rides Again...
  88. Bustin' Out vs. Struttin' My Stuff
  89. War Child vs. 5'll Getcha Ten
  90. Sloe Gin vs.Trouble Is...
  91. American Blues 'Is Here' vs. Flash
  92. Been A Long Time vs. Texas Shuffle
  93. Deville vs. Michaels vs. Rockett
  94. Lee vs. Neil vs. Sixx
  95. Rocket To Russia vs. Combat Rock
  96. Music from Another Dimension!
  97. Honkin' On Bobo vs. Mescalero
  98. Just Push Play vs. XXX
  99. Nine Lives vs. Rhythmeen
  100. Get A Grip vs. Antenna
  101. Pump vs. Recycler
  102. Permanent Vacation vs. Afterburner
  103. Done With Mirrors vs. Eliminator
  104. Rock In A Hard Place vs. El Loco
  105. Night In The Ruts vs. Degüello
  106. Draw The Line vs. Tejas
  107. Rocks vs. Fandango!
  108. Toys In The Attic vs. Tres Hombres
  109. Get Your Wings vs. Rio Grande Mud
  110. Aerosmith vs. ZZ Top's First Album
  111. Flyleaf vs. Garbage vs. No Doubt vs. All We Know Is Falling
  112. Ramones vs The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars
  113. Molly Hatchet vs. Frampton Comes Alive!
  114. Cosmo's Factory vs. Exile On Main St
  115. Carolina Dreams vs. Thick As A Brick
  116. Fandango! vs. Tea For The Tillerman
  117. Boston vs. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  118. Street Survivors vs. The Dark Side Of The Moon
  119. Second Helping vs. Harvest
  120. (pronounced 'lĕh-'nérd 'skin-'nérd) vs. Band Of Gypsys
  121. Tres Hombres vs. Blood On The Tracks
  122. Debut Album Battle
  123. 1980's Battle
  124. Afterburner vs. Black Celebration
  125. Painkiller vs. Metallica vs. Vulgar Display Of Power vs. Bloody Kisses
  126. Testament-Dark Roots Of Earth Vs Overkill-The Electric Age
  127. The Soft Bulletin vs. Deserter's Songs
  128. Rust in Peace vs. Rust Never Sleeps
  129. Battle of the 4 Kiss Solo Albums
  130. Honky Tonk Heroes vs. Red Headed Stranger
  131. The Cars Debut vs Cheap Trick's In Color
  132. Highway 61 Revisited vs Are you Experienced?
  133. Fleetwood Mac Self titled (1967) vs Fleetwood Mac Self Titled (1975)
  134. Battle of 2012 Thrash Albums
  135. Post Beatles Poll: Plastic Ono Band vs All Things Must Pass vs Band on the Run
  136. Iron Claw - Dismorphophobia vs Armageddon - Armageddon
  137. Black Stone Cherry vs. Buckcherry vs. Get Born vs. Permission To Land vs. Wolfmother
  138. Hillbilly Joker vs. Black Ribbons
  139. C vs. S vs. N. vs. Y
  140. Pink Floyd vs Pink Floyd
  141. Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band vs L.A Woman (poll)
  142. Carolina Dreams vs. American Stars 'n Bars
  143. Led Zeppelin 4 (ZoSo) v.s Back In Black
  144. Sabbath vs Purple: Part 5
  145. Fool For The City vs. At Your Birthday Party
  146. S&M vs. Alive IV vs. Moment Of Glory
  147. Psychedelic/Acid Rock Battle
  148. 70's Album Battle (23 Albums)
  149. Moving Pictures Vs 2112
  150. Thin Lizzy-Live And Dangerous (1978) Vs Ufo-Strangers in The Night
  151. (Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd) vs. Tres Hombres
  152. Sabbath vs Purple: Part 4
  153. Heaven And Hell (1980) vs Mob Rules (1981)
  154. The Number of the Beast (1982) vs Piece of Mind (1983)
  155. Welcome To Hell vs Black Metal
  156. Best Big 4 Debut Album
  157. Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs vs Family Style
  158. Sabbath vs Purple: Part 3
  159. Sabbath vs Purple: Part 2
  160. 1980 Battle: Animal Magnetism vs Women and Children First
  161. Jethro Tull 70's Releases!!
  162. Sabbath vs Purple: Part 1
  163. Aka The "Color" Album
  164. Destroyer vs Rocks
  165. Thin Lizzy: Johnny the Fox vs. Queen: News of the World
  166. Best AC DC album?
  167. Riff's Favourite Judas Priest Albums.
  168. Scorpions vs. Thin Lizzy.
  169. SMiLE vs. Smiley Smile vs. SMiLE (Smile Sessions)
  170. The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get vs. Rides Again
  171. 4 Way Street -CSNY vs. Live At Leeds- The Who
  172. Smashing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream vs. Mellon Collie
  173. Radiohead: The Bends vs. Ok Computer
  174. RHCP Battle - By The Way vs. Stadium Arcadium
  175. The Battle of Mastodon
  176. Are You Experienced vs Axis Bold As Love.
  177. Iron Maiden: Killers vs Number of the Beast
  178. A Four Way Album Poll
  179. Appetite For Destruction vs Van Halen I
  180. Finale De Floyd
  181. Never For Ever vs.Closer
  182. The Wall vs. Tommy
  183. Rubber Soul vs Let It Bleed
  184. Dehumanizer vs. Perfect Strangers
  185. The Best Radiohead Album.....
  186. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band vs The Stone Roses
  187. Definitely Maybe vs My Generation
  188. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  189. In the Wake of Poseidon vs Obscured By Clouds
  190. Can't Buy a Thrill vs A Trick of the Tail
  191. At Budokan or One For The Road?
  192. John Barleycorn Must Die vs Stand Up
  193. Are You Experienced vs Led Zeppelin
  194. Alternative(to the mainstream) Metal
  195. 60's Album Poll
  196. King Crimson. Proto-metal?
  197. Dick Dale. Proto-metal?
  198. Kiss. Proto-metal?
  199. Queen. (Proto) Metal?
  200. Lonesome Crow vs Lucifer's Friend
  201. James Gang Rides Again vs Nantucket Sleighride
  202. Closer To Home vs Rock And Roll Machine
  203. Eric Clapton vs Rory Gallagher
  204. Countdown To Extinction vs. Metallica (Black Album)
  205. Iron Maiden w/ Paul Di'Anno
  206. Some Girls - The Rolling Stones
  207. (Favorite Album) The Eagles: Desperado vs The Long Run vs GH1 vs GH2
  208. Cat Scratch Fever vs Montrose
  209. Caress Of Steel vs Who Do You Think We Are
  210. Never Turn Your Back on a Friend vs Virgin Killer
  211. Demons And Wizards vs Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
  212. (Favorite Album) The Who: Who's Next vs A Quick One vs Quadrophenia
  213. School's Out vs The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
  214. Band On The Run vs Blonde On Blonde
  215. After The Gold Rush vs 461 Ocean Boulevard
  216. Honky Château vs Moondance
  217. Ironbound v Exhibit B: The Human Condition
  218. Power Trio Debut Album Poll
  219. A Random Poll II.
  220. KISS - Alive vs Aerosmith - Toys in the Attic
  221. Def Leppard - High and Dry vs Mötley Crüe - Too Fast For Love
  222. Asteroids, Aliens, Black Holes & Spaced Out
  223. A Random Poll
  224. Led Zeppelin Live Albums
  225. Blizzard of Ozz vs Rainbow Rising
  226. Appetite For Destruction vs Toys In The Attic
  227. Paranoid vs Number Of The Beast
  228. Decade of Prog: The 2000's
  229. Born to Run vs The Stranger
  230. Led Zeppelin: Presence
  231. New York Dolls vs Raw Power
  232. Best Song Off This Album, Poll # 21: Prince - Purple Rain (1984)
  233. Best Song Off This Album, Poll # 20: The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers (1971)
  234. Beggar's Banquet vs Strange Days
  235. Bayou Country vs Music From The Big Pink vs Workingman's Dead
  236. Are You Experienced vs Fresh Cream
  237. Abbey Road vs Who's Next
  238. A Dramatic Turn Of Events vs. Deconstruction
  239. In Search of the Lost Chord vs John Barleycorn Must Die
  240. Living In The Past vs Tales from Topographic Oceans
  241. Eldorado vs Queen II
  242. Breakfast in America vs Pretzel Logic
  243. Best Song Off This Album, Poll # 19: Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream (1993)
  244. Best Song Off This Album, Poll # 18: AC/DC - Powerage (1978)
  245. Welcome To My Nightmare VS The Grand illusion
  246. Van Halen vs The Wall
  247. Camel vs Caravan vs Fuzzy Duck
  248. Brain Salad Surgery vs In The Court Of The Crimson King vs A Trick Of The Tale
  249. Aqualung vs Dark Side Of The Moon vs Fragile
  250. Blues-Rock Battle - 1967