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  1. Rock's Biggest Artists 1 (Your Fave)
  2. Crown A Champion!! Game 10 MP Tournament!!
  3. Old Riff Raff polls
  4. Still the Night: Hughes/Thrall vs Phenomena vs John Norum vs Mervyn "O'Ryan" Spence
  5. Walk On: Jimmy Barnes vs. Joe Lynn Turner's Sunstorm
  6. Just One Night: Eric Martin vs. Triumph
  7. Say What You Will or Come Along?
  8. I Wanna Be Somebody VS Lack of Communication
  9. Siberian Vacation vs. Let me Go
  10. Old MP Polls II
  11. MP's Tournament. The Top Ten Winner Slugout!
  12. Carefree Highway vs I've Got A Name
  13. Take Me Away vs. Demon Alcohol
  14. Compare the four songs with a little similar riff-structure.
  15. Negasonic Teenage Warhead vs. Revolve
  16. House With a Thousand Rooms vs. Hero With 1,000 Eyes
  17. Folk Rock Cannonballs: Damien Rice vs. Brandi Carlile
  18. Tarney/Spencer Group - No Time To Lose VS. Taxxi - I'm Leaving
  19. Rough vs. Tough! Part 5
  20. The Lion Sleeps Tonight vs. Do Wah Diddy Variation 3
  21. The Lion Sleeps Tonight vs. Do Wah Diddy Variation 2
  22. The Lion Sleeps Tonight vs. Do Wah Diddy Variation 1
  23. Rough vs. Tough! Part 4
  24. Homage to Rock!!!!! Semi-Finals! Part 2
  25. Homage to Rock!!!!! Semi-Finals! Part 1
  26. Rough vs. Tough! Part 3
  27. TC's John Lennon Tribute Poll II
  28. TC's John Lennon Tribute Poll
  29. Liar vs. Immaculate Deception
  30. John Lennon Tribute Part II
  31. John Lennon Tribute Part I
  32. Homage to Rock!!!!! Part 5
  33. Black Sabbath-The Instrumentals
  34. Pipeline vs. Walk, Don't Run
  35. Mr.Speed VS Mr.Tinkertrain
  36. Homage to Rock!!!!! Part 4
  37. MP's Poll Tournament TIE BREAKER!! Game Three/Part Three
  38. Johnny Blade vs. Black Blade
  39. Holiday Travel Poll Part II
  40. Holiday Travel Poll Part I
  41. Florence + The Machine: You've Got the Love vs. The Dog Days Are Over
  42. Fight The Good Fight vs. Fight From The Inside
  43. Homage to Rock!!!!! Part 3
  44. When The Music's Over VS The Song Remains The Same
  45. |\/\/| Thursday Poll of Champions |\/\/| Round 2
  46. Various Facets of L..O..V..E! FINALE!!
  47. Line Of Fire VS Last In Line
  48. Bullets To Spare VS Gimme' Back My Bullets
  49. Homage to Rock!!!!! Part 2
  50. |\/\/| Thursday Poll of Champions |\/\/| Round 1 Part 2
  51. Homage to Rock!!!!! Part 1
  52. (Take These) Chains vs. Unchained
  53. Blow Away vs. Come Sail Away
  54. The Ultimate Sin VS Sin After Sin
  55. Hold On Tight vs. Hold On Loosely vs. Hands Off
  56. Various Facets of L..O..V..E! Round 4
  57. |\/\/| Thursday Poll of Champions |\/\/|
  58. Various Facets of L..O..V..E! Round 3
  59. Weekend Tournament Tie Breakers
  60. Kansas:AOR?
  61. Several Ways of Saying Hello! :-)
  62. The Beatle: Help! vs. The Police: Message In A Bottle
  63. Dust in The Wind vs. Blinded by The Light
  64. The Events of Arson......poll
  65. Various Facets of L..O..V..E! Round 1
  66. Smokin' VS Smokin' In The Boys Room
  67. Eric Clapton vs. George Harrison.
  68. Eclipse vs. Black
  69. On Through The Night vs. Animal Magnetism
  70. High Voltage VS Shock Me
  71. Hold The Line VS Lay It On The Line
  72. Symptom Of The Universe VS Symphony Of Destruction
  73. Which "In The Air Tonight" Cover is Best?
  74. Emerson, Lake & Palmer Vs. Crosby, Stills & Nash
  75. 38 Special Vs. Molly Hatchet
  76. Eric Johnson Vs. Ted Nugent
  77. Gone Gone Gone vs. Empty Rooms vs. Miss You
  78. Black Water vs. Swamp Music
  79. Desperado Showdown
  80. Bad, Bad Boy vs. Time Out
  81. With Your Love vs. Magic Carpet Ride
  82. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen vs. Foreplay/Long Time vs. We Will Rock You/We Are The
  83. Trouble No More vs. Incident at Neshabur
  84. Public Animal #9 vs. Forever Man
  85. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man vs. Honaloochie Boogie vs. Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo
  86. Rock N Roll Machine VS Rock N Roll Children
  87. Where Eagles Dare VS Where Eagles Fly
  88. Out In The Cold VS Out On The Tiles VS Out Ta Get Me Vs Outta Love Again
  89. The Tell-Tale Heart vs. Never Make You Cry
  90. Painkiller Vs. Master Of Puppets
  91. Rush: The "Classic" Years: '74-'81
  92. Elemental Rock
  93. Neil Young vs. Randy Bachman
  94. Crown A Champion!!MP Tournament Past Rounds!!
  95. Rush: Fly by Night Vs. Hemispheres
  96. Let me Love You vs. The Lemon Song
  97. Domination: Original vs Cover
  98. Dreams I'll Never See vs. Dreams
  99. Love Me Two Times VS Love In An Elevator
  100. Rock Bottom VS Bottoms Up
  101. Gamma Ray vs. Stratovarius vs. Helloween
  102. I Ain't Superstitious
  103. Born Under The Wrong Sign vs. Born Under a Bad Sign
  104. The Beatles vs. The Sex Pistols
  105. The Beatles Elimination Game
  106. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Lanegan vs Nirvana vs Leadbelly)
  107. Young Man Blues vs. New Kid in Town vs. Old Man
  108. New York State of Mind vs. New York Broken Toy
  109. Blue Sunday vs. Blue Morning, Blue Day
  110. Do Right by Your Woman vs. You're My Best Friend
  111. Snowblind Vs. Snowblind Vs. Snowblind
  112. A Hard Days Night VS A Hard Road
  113. Cocaine VS Sweet Leaf
  114. Another Brick In The Wall VS Another One Bites The Dust
  115. Paul McCartney vs. Gene Simmons
  116. Menza vs Ulrich
  117. Cold as Ice vs. Turn to Stone
  118. Southern Cross vs. Sign of The Southern Cross
  119. Child!!
  120. Planet Caravan VS. Revelation (Mother Earth)
  121. All Right Now VS Right Now
  122. Classical Meets Classic Rock: Dream On vs. Enter Sandman
  123. Grab your brolly...
  124. Have a Drink on Me vs. Tall Cool One
  125. Bad Company vs. Foreigner
  126. Blackout vs. Pyromania vs. Headhunter
  127. Love's Holiday vs. So Very Hard to Go
  128. Pictures at Eleven vs. Abracadabra
  129. The Joe Perry Project vs. Whitford/St. Holmes
  130. You Can Tune a Piano vs. Heat in The Street
  131. Superstition vs. The Payback
  132. Roger Daltrey VS Roger Waters
  133. Cheesefest Poll
  134. Into the void vs. The Ocean
  135. Moving Pictures Vs. Who's Next
  136. Girls,Girls,Girls VS Hysteria
  137. Destroyer VS Sabotage
  138. Breaking The Law VS Breaking All The Rules
  139. The Heat is on vs. Hot Child in The City
  140. Rocket Man vs. Shot Down in Flames
  141. Sebastian Bach vs Bruce Dickinson
  142. Crystal Ball vs. Nightlife
  143. Steppenwolf - Live vs. Ted Nugent - Double Live
  144. And It Stoned Me vs. I Can't Wait Much Longer
  145. Dream Theater Family Tree
  146. The Osmonds vs. Gwar
  147. Tommy vs. Out of The Blue vs. Sheik Yerbouti
  148. Tooth, Fang & Claw vs. Animals
  149. Evolution vs. I Robot
  150. Blow by Blow vs. Desperado
  151. Justin Bieber vs. King Diamond
  152. Highway X 5!
  153. About to Begin vs. Crazy Circles vs. Round And Round vs. Don't Stop
  154. Lights VS Light Up The Sky
  155. God Gave Rock N Roll To You VS Metal Gods
  156. Led Zeppelin IV vs Dark Side of The Moon
  157. Elvis Presley vs. Jimi Hendrix vs. Justin Bieber
  158. Porcupine Tree vs. Dream Theater
  159. The Ultimate Pianist/Keyboardist Elimination
  160. Silly Love Songs ~ Round 4
  161. Elvis Presley VS Jimi Hendrix
  162. A Horse With No Name vs. Heart Of Gold
  163. Justin Bieber vs. The Who
  164. Justin Bieber or Nirvana
  165. Lifeson Vs. Schon Vs. May
  166. Justin Bieber- Baby vs. The Beatles- Baby You Can Drive My Car
  167. The Guess Who: These Eyes vs. American Woman
  168. The Animals - House of the Rising Sun vs. The Eagles - Hotel California
  169. Simon+Garfunkel: Sound of Silence vs. Bridge Over Troubled Water vs. Scarborough Fair
  170. Best Self-titled Albums
  171. Crazy!!
  172. The Dream Poll
  173. 1984 vs 2112
  174. To Live Is To Die VS Killing Yourself To Live
  175. Fly Like an Eagle vs. Warchild
  176. Welcome to my Nightmare vs. Empire
  177. Live at Last vs. Some Enchanted Evening
  178. Caress of Steel vs. Hell Bent For Leather
  179. The Final Countdown vs. Straight Between The Eyes
  180. The Extremist vs Guitar Shop
  181. Silly Love Songs ~ Round 3
  182. Welcome To The Machine VS Welcome To The Jungle
  183. Children Of The Damned VS Children Of The Sea
  184. A Night At The Opera VS Highway To Hell
  185. John Bonham VS Keith Moon
  186. Brian Jones vs. Mick Taylor vs. Ronnie Wood
  187. On Your Mark,Set Go....They're gone!
  188. That Special Woman!
  189. Every Breath You Take vs. Take my Breath Away
  190. Punk Rock Anthems
  191. Silly Love Songs ~ Round 2
  192. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap vs. No More Dirty Deals
  193. Abracadabra, And A Wave of The Wand!
  194. Who's Way?
  195. I'll give you something to cry about!
  196. The Black Poll
  197. Mr. and Man Showdown
  198. Which Riff Do You Like Better???
  199. Love v. Love
  200. Ain't no Love in The Heart of The City vs. City of Love
  201. Too Hot to Handle vs. Too Hard to Handle
  202. Shout It Out Loud VS Shout At The Devil
  203. The Writ VS The Sentinel VS The Wicker Man
  204. Man of Miracles vs. Miracle Man
  205. Hurdy Gurdy Man vs. Mr. Bojangles vs. Piano Man
  206. Gold Dust Woman vs. Man With The Golden Gun
  207. In The City vs. Lunatic Fringe
  208. Life in The Fast Lane vs. I Can't Drive 55
  209. Black Dog VS Paint It Black
  210. The Doors VS The Who
  211. The Fly Poll
  212. Celebration of Rock 'n Roll Poll
  213. Smells Like Teen Spirit vs Teenage Riot
  214. Star Spangled Banner vs. God Save The Queen
  215. Led Zeppelin Vs. Rush
  216. Stone Cold Crazy Vs. Sheer Heart Attack
  217. The Rain Song Vs. Let it Rain
  218. See Emily Play VS Play The Game
  219. Jethro Tull: Aqualung vs. Locomotive Breath
  220. MP's Old Tournament Polls!!!
  221. Boston Battle! - Higher Power vs Peace Of Mind
  222. Rock 'n Me vs. Roll With Me
  223. Dancing Days vs. Walk All Over You
  224. My Generation vs. Your Time is Gonna Come
  225. I Am The Walrus (Gray Matter Cover) vs I Am The Walrus (Oasis Cover)
  226. Foreigner Vs. Journey
  227. Lee Roth Vs. Hagar
  228. Anthrax Vs. Megadeth
  229. Back In The Saddle VS Wild Horses
  230. Moby Dick VS Eruption
  231. Dont Talk To Strangers VS Perfect Strangers
  232. 2 Minutes To Midnight VS Living After Midnight
  233. Turn me Loose vs. (Take These) Chains
  234. Blinding Light Show/Moonchild vs. Come Sail Away
  235. Night Moves vs. Promises in The Dark
  236. Emerald (Mastodon Cover) vs Emerald (Dragonlord Cover)
  237. Band of the Month picks for September 2010.
  238. Led Zeppelin - Sick again Vs. Aerosmith - Sick as a Dog
  239. Cream Track Final!
  240. YYZ vs. La Villa Strangiato
  241. Dance The Night Away VS Same Old Song And Dance
  242. Somebody To Love VS Since I've Been Loving You
  243. Band Self Titled Songs Battle
  244. Deacon Blues Vs. Psycho Killer
  245. Good Lovin' Gone Bad Vs. Philadelphia Freedom
  246. Itchycoo Park Vs. Come On Down To My Boat
  247. Every Little Kiss Vs. Living On A Prayer
  248. Crazy Love Vs. Borrowed Time
  249. The Air That I Breathe Vs. Taking Care of Business
  250. Oasis vs. Blur