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  1. The CRF's Greatest Lyricists Voting Thread
  2. YOU VOTE: The CRF Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, recreate in our image
  3. Songs you wish you could hear for the first time again
  4. Classic Rock magazine's Live Albums That Changed the World
  5. Interest in game/poll recreating Rock Hall of Fame?
  6. Rock Snubs Petition
  7. Is it possible for music to sound different depending on how big of a fan you are?
  8. Seasonal Tastes
  9. Songs/Albums with Animals in Their Title
  10. Kittens take over classic album covers
  11. Classic rock album covers come alive !!!!
  12. Who is your favourite Welsh music artist or band?
  13. Who Are Your Favorite 4 Man Bands??
  14. Anyone still buy CDs?? Sound quality Q
  15. 20 Crazy Covers-Albums
  16. Rock Stars Net Worth
  17. Petition To Get Rory Gallagher inducted into the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame.
  18. Rock Star Homes
  19. Make Your Own Use Your Illusion
  20. Top 100 songs nominated by Time magazine editors
  21. Tribute Songs To Someone Famous OR Not So Famous
  22. 2012 Rock & Roll HOF Nominees Online Fan Poll
  23. Favorite Artist Who Went Solo....
  24. Your least favorite album/albums by your favorite band/bands?
  25. The effect of a bands popularity/fanbase based on the vocalist
  26. Kurt has an app
  27. Ken- By Request Only Discussion Page
  28. Who Is The Most Underated Band, Singer & Guitarist?
  29. Rock N Roll's Most Underrated & Overrated Lyricists
  30. Short Albums vs Long Albums
  31. Songs That Make You Feel Emotional
  32. This kid knows what is the best for him...
  33. "Chinese Democracy" isn't the worst album ever made...
  34. Our children will never know....
  35. What is AOR in 2011?
  36. YOUR SAY: Meat Loaf in Australia's AFL Grand Final
  37. Bands re-recording their own material - good or bad?
  38. Wanna be a rock star?
  39. CRF's Greatest Band/Group/Artist Census 2011 Results: #50 - 1
  40. Classic Rock with violin... 60's and 70's.
  41. Never A Dull Moment
  42. Minister suggests a Rock Hall and Post Office Quid Pro Quo
  43. Worst Album Covers Of All Time From Yahoo Music
  44. Plausible Lead Singer Replacements
  45. William Shatner Does Iron Man
  46. Welcome 2 My Nightmare $4.99 sale Amazon
  47. 2012 Rock and Roll HOF Nominees
  48. Can you remember every concert you've seen?
  49. The Dark Side Of The Moon
  50. John Bonham RIP
  51. A collector's worst nightmare:
  52. Guitar Solo
  53. Van Halen & OZZY singing?????
  54. Bands/Artists with good/bad album packaging.
  55. Mastodon's "evil bong" video
  56. Sweden!
  57. Nightclubs / Watering Hole Experiences
  58. Music on Television
  59. Favorite Label?
  60. Air Guitar
  61. Stp live
  62. Thinking of starting a music blog.
  63. Great American Song
  64. The Star's Real Names
  65. Favorite Guitars Riffs
  66. what should i do?
  67. The Session Musicians
  68. Best Of AM Gold
  69. Which defunct bands should reunite?
  70. Rock 'n' Roll Trivia
  71. Can't get enough of love?
  72. Songs You Would Change
  73. Kids & Music
  74. Happy Birthday Freddie!
  75. Who'd make a song about that!
  76. In The Attic.
  77. Rock Scene Magazine
  78. It's All About The Chorus
  79. What If The Beatles Were Irish?
  80. The Things They Say
  81. runningshoes' Photo Op
  82. Meet The Producers
  83. Before They Were Rock Stars
  84. Helllp !!!! Avert a disaster !
  85. Classic Rock with BPM more than 125
  86. The Weapon Of Choice.
  87. If you could change the name of a song...
  88. Greatest Hits and Best Ofs: Where does it end?
  89. That Was Then, This Is Now
  90. When did this happen??!!!
  91. Bands you probably overrated due to your youth
  92. Rock and Roll Timeline
  93. The Power Of Rock 'in Peace !!!!
  94. August 16 1977 Death Of Elvis (Where were you?)
  95. Contemporary rock playlists - likes/dislikes?
  96. Bra burning songs!
  97. Free Music Streams (Link page)
  98. The Stone Pony
  99. Family/relatives in the music business
  100. Greatest summer songs of all time according to Planet Rock
  101. Ticket Outlets You Use?
  102. Top 40 acoustic songs of all time (according to planetrock)
  103. "Chickenfoot should open for Van Halen"-Michael Anthony
  104. When a band/artist dismisses their work.
  105. Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath Mash Up!!
  106. Rock/pop songs and music sampling in other songs
  107. Top 40 hair metal bands of all time according to Planet Rock
  108. Top 20 AOR songs of all time (according to planetrock listeners)
  109. Family love
  110. Most Overplayed Albums on Classic Rock stations?
  111. Favorite Album Titles....
  112. CRF's Greatest Band/Group/Artist Census 2011 Voting Thread
  113. Classic Rock Station
  114. Female Fronted Bands
  115. Is metal still a boys only club?
  116. The end of the CD player begins...
  117. You Have 1 Day To Live
  118. When music is sold does it still belong to the artist?
  119. Post Your Favorite Classic Rock Station
  120. Male or Female vocalist (your preference)?
  121. Follow-up Albums.
  122. Songs on repeat
  123. Help me out...Recommend 3 bands to me
  124. Amy Winehouse Dead
  125. Roger Waters - The Wall Live
  126. Primitive sounding hard rock bands
  127. Gus Dudgeon Died Nine Years ago On This Day.
  128. Going To See Paul McCartney!!!
  129. Vintage Amy Winehouse
  130. AC/DC concert pictures
  131. CRF's Greatest Singers Results: #50-1
  132. Spinner's 50 Greatest Guitar Riffs in Rock and Roll
  133. Lady Gaga egged in AUS Muhahah
  134. 2011 - ELO - The Very Best Of (British TV ad)
  135. 30th Anniversary Of Harry Chapin's Death
  136. Which musician had the best beard?
  137. Jimmy Page Launches Website
  138. What was no. 1 on the day you were born?
  139. Separated at birth
  140. Singing in the car!
  141. When You Get A New Album...
  142. Great Singers from the Last Five Years
  143. Five years ago today...
  144. Your First Concert
  145. Who got Bubbles drunk?
  146. Good Music News Sites?
  147. Best Beatles song that isn't The Beatles
  148. Mis Heard Joe Cocker Lyrics
  149. Listen to who I discovered
  150. Looking For Good Rock Biographies
  151. Backing Vocalists
  152. Come Together. a night for John Lennon's words and music
  153. Concert Ticket Stubs Facebook Gallery
  154. Powerful Live Performances
  155. Whos into bootlegs, and whats in your collection
  156. I'm looking for good melodic instrumental rock bands!
  157. MTV Unplugged vs. VH1 Storytellers
  158. What decade do you listen most?
  159. Festivals - Past and Present
  160. Songs about dads
  161. Who's responsible for the umph!!
  162. great albums crap sound.
  163. If you could have a Ménage à trois with a male singer, who would it be?
  164. Musicians that test your sexuality.
  165. If you could go on a date with one of these female singers, who would it be??
  166. Happy Birthday Sir Paul McCartney
  167. Biggest Music What Ifs ______
  168. Love 'Em or Hate 'Em? PT. 2
  169. Songs that start and end the same way
  170. Songs You Can't Stand
  171. Musicians and the cities they're associated with
  172. Anybody subscribe to Qriocity.?
  173. Download Festival 2011
  174. A Challenge for 21 Century Rockers!
  175. Disturbing lyrics (PC WARNING: May include adult content.)
  176. Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?
  177. Hey Mr. Bass Man!!
  178. Five Vocalists and Their Definitive Performance
  179. CRF's Greatest Singers Voting Thread
  180. Drugs and Rock n Roll
  181. Worst Band Ever?
  182. New Album Leaks...what's your take?
  183. Frank Beard
  184. CRF's most popular bands/artists?
  185. Les Paul
  186. Rocking The Ukulele
  187. Songs that mention other artists and celebrities
  188. Dave Navarro
  189. "Mistaken" cover versions
  190. Start it off, Mr. Drummer!
  191. Songs That sound Like Nothing Else On The Album...
  192. Steve Vai
  193. What changed Rock 'N Roll?
  194. Demo Recordings
  195. Great Gig In The Sky - Headliner?
  196. Gov't Mule Streaming Live right now!
  197. new coming bands vs old classic bands
  198. God's Top 10
  199. Break-Up Songs
  200. Personal/Sentimental Favorites!
  201. Great Comeback or Late Career Albums?
  202. Best Run of Three or More Consecutive Albums
  203. Music Genre Debate!
  204. The CRF's Greatest Guitarist Poll: Results #50-1
  205. Stupid Question
  206. Bands Where Having Their Greatest Hits Is Enough
  207. The Brutal Truth
  208. Maim That Tune!
  209. Underrated, overlooked songs.
  210. RIP Gil Scott Heron
  211. Richie Kotzen
  212. Post a pearler past and present.
  213. Songs With Great Guitar
  214. Your ''Triple Bill'' Concert...
  215. Deep Purple Mk.V
  216. Which singer's voice just doesn't match with his age?
  217. Tearful Tunes
  218. Albums With Multiple Covers
  219. Animal Bands
  220. Journey - Eclipse
  221. Best band member album cover
  222. Zeppelin "Super Saver Series"?
  223. Rolling Stones radio
  224. Color Bands
  225. Famously incoherent vocals?
  226. Feel The Burn
  227. "The Best AOR Albums of All Time" per Kerrang! Magazine
  228. Rolling Stone Magazine
  229. Harmonica Heaven
  230. Size of Music Collection?
  231. The last testament of George Harrison
  232. Best Segue
  233. Songs That Exceed 10 Minutes
  234. ‎100 Greatest Songwriters, Classic Rock magazine, May 2011, #157
  235. Help with Playlist posting
  236. What do you guys think of metal from my country?
  237. How rock in the early 70s has affected on community?
  238. Your Television or your Stereo?
  239. You can only have One...your i-pod or cell phone?
  240. Parts of songs (or full songs) you wish lasted a little longer
  241. Astronomical Songs
  242. Playing a song over and over
  243. rock & soul throwdown with Skydog
  244. What Is Your Opinion of Alex Lifeson?
  245. Cool Short Songs (2 and a half minutes & under!)
  246. Ginger Baker Documentary help needed!
  247. Horns, Finger, Torch
  248. Order of Play
  249. Sammy Hagar Reenacts Alien Abduction
  250. Songs You Didn't Want Your Parents To Hear When You Were A Teen