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  1. Why isn't Led Zeppelin given as much attention...
  2. Albert Lee's 70th Birthday Celebration
  3. Aging Rock Stars
  4. Rock Hall of Fame voting coming back Sunday
  5. Rock stars on postage stamps
  6. How were you introduced to RocK? And rate the taste in music above you
  7. Ten Years Ago Today...
  8. worst rock tattoos
  9. Please put your hands together for Chris Cornell!
  10. Rock Hall of Fame week 16 results (2001)
  11. What's your favorite album cover
  12. What are your partners all-time favorite songs?
  13. Easy listening feel good music!
  14. how do you listen to your music at home?
  15. time vs comfortably numb solos
  16. the best stereo albums.
  17. The CRF's Greatest Bassists Results: #40-1
  18. record label question?
  19. Anyone else interested in starting a CRF Record Club?
  20. 1ST Post...What's your Reference CD?
  21. The Seven Ages of Rock - BBC documentary
  22. advice from genesis fans wanted.
  23. Awesome Room Size Harp (Earth Harp) and Performance
  24. Jun 17-24 Rock Hall inductions, YOU DECIDE. Great list of nominees
  25. similar to pink floyd
  26. Compile a Favourites Album
  27. Best Songs From Artists That Went Solo
  28. Songs with your name.
  29. Favourite Artists/ Bands Discovered Through CRF
  30. graves, statues and plaques of the departed rock and rollers.
  31. the greatest classic rock songs
  32. YOU VOTE:Jun10-17, Nominations-AC/DC newly eligible this year
  33. Let's form rock's most dysfunctional band!
  34. the most versatile band.
  35. Small venues or huge arenas?
  36. New Song(s) you heard today
  37. Love At First Listen
  38. Do you think, with time, 80s and 90s bands will be labeled "Classic Rock"?
  39. Songs About the Weather
  40. Where Are The Songs That Reflect Our Current Times?
  41. Jun 3-Jun 10; You decide Rock Hall of fame Inductions Come vote one the next class
  42. albums/songs that bring out the air-guitarist?
  43. Heaviest song?
  44. Check out the all new allmusic.com
  45. Deep Songs
  46. Theme Thread: Time
  47. May27-Jun3;CRF HoF noms. KISS, Judas Priest, etc.
  48. Redoing my vinyl collection
  49. Giving That Album Another Try
  50. songs that need to be heard.
  51. Female Singers of Today.
  52. Borrowed Riffs
  53. YOU CHOOSE: May20-27 Nominees in, who will be inducted to CRF Hall of Fame
  54. mark david chapman!
  55. Favourite lurve songs?
  56. jade warrior, anyone heard of them?
  57. Guitarists That Shouldn't Sing.
  58. Funny picture of a rock star
  59. super fast guitarists.
  60. New Van Halen Recap!
  61. the 'almost made it" bands.
  62. Your favourite band for each genre and add one
  63. Springsteen songs that others made hits
  64. The Best Written Classic Rock Songs
  65. YOU DECIDE:CRF Rock Hall of Fame noms. Springsteen, Aerosmith, Rush new eligibles
  66. music listening history
  67. UFO Stories: About the band or not ...
  68. Is KISS The Beatles of our generation?
  69. Steve Summers wedding hat package
  70. What genre has died the most since it's inception AND how?
  71. The greatest album doesn't include their best track
  72. Nominees up, YOU VOTE induction for Hall of Fame Scorpions, Eagles, Nazareth, etc
  73. Any help
  74. Song-A-Likes
  75. Just heard this term "Granola Rock"
  76. David Gilmour mistaken for Jeff Beck
  77. Let's Strip!! Top 100 Classic Rock songs of all time!!
  78. Help nominate the new hall class(week13-1998) Eagles, Michael Jackson, Scorpions, etc
  79. Teen Dreams before the Bebe
  80. Lost AOR Classics. Any others?
  81. What is your favourite novelty record?
  82. When Zazz turned Blue
  83. Bands Named After Places
  84. whats your favorite subgenre(s) of rock music?
  85. Is the Who's "Live at Leeds" your favorite live album?
  86. Ressurect a Band/Artist For a Day
  87. Nirvana Demos Similarities?
  88. Songs You Dont Like From Artists You Love
  89. Inductions: You choose new class of Hall of Fame (week 12-1997)
  90. MP3 Sound Quality Improvement: Bongiovi Acoustics
  91. just out today
  92. Sad Songs by Artists Known for Their Upbeatness
  93. Guitar case sticker mystery
  94. Favorite Quotes By Favorite Musicians
  95. CRF Rock Hall: You nominate - Rory Gallagher, Thin Lizzy, BillyJoel, etc
  96. Top 5 Favorite Bassists
  97. Songs you like from bands/singers you dislike
  98. Rate my vinyl purchases
  99. The Great, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: The Ultimate Sooty C.D Collection (Reboot)
  100. Top 3 Favorite songs
  101. When does a song or album become a classic?
  102. CRF Rock Hall of Fame, 1996 Inductions-you vote
  103. Need help with vintage turntable
  104. You nominate Hall of Fame enters the 70s. Sabbath new elig
  105. April Fools Day songs
  106. Artists Who Never Strayed from Their Roots (But Should Have)
  107. **t**r**i**v**i**a**
  108. Before they were famous . . .
  109. Post your latest CD/DVD/Vinyl/Cassette purchases here!
  110. Beatles meet Green Day
  111. Induct the next Hall of Fame class--You decide
  112. Albums You Disliked Previously But Has Grown On You?
  113. New Quiz
  114. Marshall stack fridge!!
  115. You Decide: Rock Hall voting returns, Led Zep, Alice Cooper, etc
  116. Worst album you have?
  117. Reminder--Rock Hall voting will restart Sunday
  118. David Lee Roth Stops Fight In Audience
  119. Underrated/Underappreciated Rock Songs
  120. Rock's Most Overrated Songs
  121. Musaic!
  122. Are There Any Major Record Label Horn Section Bands Anymore??
  123. What Is Your Personal Definition OF Music To You???
  124. Kurt Cobain's Isolated Vocals
  125. CRF Rock Hall of Fame 1994 inductees announced
  126. CRF'S Top 100 Bands Build Off
  127. Digital/Online Radio Stations
  128. MIWA My Wish Is Your Command
  129. Keith Richards Attacks Fan With His Guitar!
  130. The Real Story Behind 2nd Verse Of 'Sweet Home Alabama'
  131. Does what a band wears/looks like matter?
  132. CRF's A-Z Greatest Bands IMO Build Off!
  133. Pink Floyd: Behind the Wall Documentary
  134. Help decide-CRF Rock Hall. Induct the next class(1994)
  135. Fairlight CMI
  136. Songs that feature the "Be My Baby" drumbeat
  137. Can you guess whose tattoo this is?
  138. Hammersmith Apollo
  139. The House of Wax
  140. One Album Wonders Or Not?
  141. CRF Rock Hall of Fame 1994 noms, You vote-John Lennon, Elton John, Deep Purple, etc
  142. Student suspended for ‘hot for teacher’ essay
  143. The CRF's Greatest Bassists Voting Thread ((Polls Are Closed))
  144. Phil Collen of Def Leppard Side Project
  145. Adele's 'Rolling In The Deep' Target Ad
  146. Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Lyrics Used For Commercial
  147. Induct a new class for the CRF Hall of Fame. Week 8--you vote
  148. Steve Miller Band Mirror
  149. Is Vinnie Vincent as talented as Jimmy Page?
  150. 48 Years Ago Today
  151. Opposites Attract: Music and Movies
  152. Really nice Bruce story...
  153. If you had to choose an instrument you want to play...
  154. The Classic Rock Forum's Rock Hall of Fame
  155. UCR's Best Of (so far) 2012
  156. CRF Rock Hall of Fame: Week 8 nominations-We need your input!
  157. The 'Post-Count' of the Devil!
  158. One guitar is enough!
  159. Take part in a scientific study on Led Zeppelin!
  160. On this date in 1969 The Beatles played together live for the last time.
  161. Rock Hall vote: Does anybody want reminder e-mails
  162. YOU VOTE: 1992 Induction CRF Rock Hall of Fame
  163. I really miss the record stores!
  164. Legendary Guitar: Bruce Springsteen’s Fender Esquire
  165. Does anyone believe the Beatles...
  166. Interviews?
  167. Our Rockstar hearthrobs
  168. Steven Tyler Sorry Star Spangled Banner Rendition NFL Playoffs
  169. CRF Rock Hall of Fame: Come pick the 1992 nominations
  170. Triple J's Hottest 100 2012 Official Thread
  171. The CRF's Greatest Lyricists Results: #40-1
  172. Question
  173. Commercials With Classic Rock Songs
  174. Pink Floyd Gilmour's LSD-crazed son Charlie is given 16 months
  175. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Janis Joplin
  176. Roger Waters on Howard Stern - January 18, 2012
  177. Your preferred Internet Radio station?
  178. DRAGON - NZ's greatest export
  179. What Makes A Great Live Album?
  180. Opinion: The future of albums
  181. Common samples Mr. Blue Sky on his song "Blue Sky"
  182. Foster the People influenced by Electric Light Orchestra
  183. 1991 Inductions: Come vote for CRF Rock Hall of Fame
  184. Best Rock Guitar Riffs
  185. Rock Concerts Recreated From Fan Footage
  186. Tribute To Clarence Clemons
  187. Van Halen & ABBA: Super Jumper
  188. YOU VOTE: CRF Rock Hall of Fame week 6 (1991 nominations)
  189. Knock UP A Gem.
  190. First Concept Album?
  191. The Jersey Shore Sound
  192. Things That 'Rocked' In 2011
  193. Very Short Books?
  194. Rating Scale In "Rate The Song Above You!" Sub-Forum
  195. Where's the gig ?
  196. Rock Star New Year’s Resolutions
  197. The best Spinal Tap Type Stories ever
  198. Fan Has Eleven Beatles Tattoos
  199. The Most Anticipated Albums Of 2012
  200. Sooty's 2011 Year In Review Countdownmania
  201. Rolling Stones radio has gone to hell!!
  202. Recommend some epic/storytelling songs
  203. YOU VOTE: CRF Rock & Roll Hall of Fame week 5 (1990 inductions)
  204. Any music related Christmas presents?
  205. Has the age of the 'big rock release' album died?
  206. Why Van Halen can't win with their new album!
  207. Ever wonder what John Lennon would look like now?
  208. Rolling Stones "Live In Texas '78" DVD
  209. Songs to kill zombies to
  210. 2011 In Memoriam
  211. Impractical Christmas Gifts For CRF Members?
  212. Looking for Hard Rock ala...
  213. 25 Memorable Moments from Past AMA Shows
  214. Rock Star Look-A Likes
  215. Rock N' Roll Wines
  216. Who did 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town' best?
  217. Best compilation/reissue of 2011
  218. The Secret First Chord from ‘A Hard Day’s Night’
  219. Create Your Own Supergroups
  220. Music related disappointment of 2011...
  221. Is Lulu (Lou Reed and Metallica) the worst album ever made?
  222. What is your WTF CD of 2011?
  223. Looking ahead to 2012....
  224. YOU VOTE: CRF Rock Hall of Fame week5 (1990 nominations)
  225. Cosmic's Top 27 Songs of 2011
  226. Best Soul Covers of Classic Rock Songs (105.7 The Hawk)
  227. Eddie Van Halen Against Zakk Wylde
  228. Current Music Video Channels
  229. Best Songs That Build (Non-Prog)
  230. eric johnson
  231. Cleveland Hall of Fame announcement leaked
  232. Idea and feedback for change in Hall of Fame voting begin week 6
  233. YOU VOTE: The CRF Rock and Roll Hall of Fame week 4
  234. People's Choice Award 2012: VOTE Favorite Tour Headliner
  235. Is this list any better?
  236. "The King that Never Was" The Rebecca Blackness of Metal
  237. What American English sounds like to foreigners.
  238. Knocked For Six
  239. If Ozzy Had Sang For A-Ha
  240. Christmas/Holiday CD's
  241. What's with the commercials...
  242. Nickelback Gets Their Soul Back
  243. One Artist/Band You Would Ban From The Radio?
  244. RIP Freddy Mercury (20 years ago)
  245. RIP George Harrison (10 years ago today)
  246. YOU VOTE: The CRF Rock and Roll Hall of Fame week 3
  247. The Term Selling Out.
  248. Ever wanna sing along to this tune? Now you can!
  249. Rolling Stones's 100 Greatest Guitarists . . . of All Time!
  250. Melancholy Melodies