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  1. A quest to finding the RAREST music i ever came across.
  2. My new humming...
  3. Photographs and Memories
  4. Who made this 80's pop song???
  5. A cover of Player's hit Baby Come Back...
  6. Unknown song please to find
  7. power pop song to identify please
  8. Anyone know the track and artist name ?
  9. Melodic rock song id, please
  10. A R&B slow song!!!
  11. An 80's power ballad
  12. Please, help me to identify this 80's song fragment...
  13. Rock song
  14. Happy the man
  15. What is this 80s song??
  16. Help me to identify the song
  17. Band like Creedence (70's) ?
  18. In search of a song. Help please
  19. Please help me identify this song!
  20. Unknown - possibly 70s - rock song
  21. Help: alternative rock song from the 90s (?)
  22. Whitford / St. Holmes new Reunion album
  23. Classic rock - whoa oh-a-oh (repeat x4) semi-chorus (power chord between each repeat
  24. Country song title wanted from 'The Substitute' movie
  25. I am seeking the name of a song
  26. 60's organ rock
  27. Help - a rock song I can't find
  28. Help find this song please im going insane..
  29. Hello friends. I want to know...
  30. Please, help me to identify it...
  31. Help wanted finding singer
  32. help
  33. I want to know what does the chorus say
  34. Wanted to know that band's name!
  35. Yokohama
  36. A question
  37. Please help me to find song
  38. Another of my hummings 2
  39. hello and help....
  40. Country song
  41. Please help me to find song name!!!
  42. Group description only - 70's beginning
  43. I Can't for the life of me, find this song
  44. Please identify this beat (1960's)
  45. Electronic rock song with vocoder
  46. Need helping finding a song please
  47. look out, another "whoa oh" song
  48. In search of a novelty song
  49. L.o.v.e.
  50. Name of this 70's hard rock song?
  51. French-Sounding Pop Song From The 00s
  52. "nobody ? everyone ?"
  53. Another of my hummings
  54. Sarch
  55. Help to identify 60-70s Rock/Punk songs
  56. What song could this be?
  57. Need help finding a song
  58. Please,,try to identify it
  59. hard rock/metal song in the Dynamo Impossible ad
  60. Name that Tune
  61. Mystery Song - 2 Years Later
  62. PLEASE help me track this song!
  63. Guitar from only in america by Action Bronson
  64. Guitar solo on a Sons of Anarchy episode.
  65. A background song in a video
  66. Walking Street Rock
  67. A slow new wave song from mid-80's (Simple Minds style)
  68. Searching a Tune from Steve Overland or one of his bands where he sings "Oh Maria"
  69. African-American Band of Today With Old R & B Sound
  70. what song is this?
  71. 22 46?
  72. "I go round-n-round-n-round..."
  73. similiar to john fogerty's "hey tonight"
  74. Please name the song/artist...
  75. magic?
  76. A pop/rock slow song I recorded from the radio using my smartphone...
  77. A rare r&b pop song from the mid-80's
  78. I've been looking for this song since 2002....
  79. What is this song?
  80. Another pop song I want to know the artist and the song tittle...
  81. 3 songs I want to hear again, but I don't know the artist/tittle...
  82. Batmobile Song from around 1966
  83. Someone can listen this song and tell me ARTIST and TITLE?
  84. One Second clip
  85. It's A Fools Game
  86. Slaughter Band Joke
  87. Wake up, wake up
  88. A mid-80's/90's cover version of Player's hit Baby Come Back...
  89. rosie?
  90. Stryper Solo Sounds Like
  91. How Do You Do
  92. James May Cars For The People
  93. You're The One
  94. 3 70's songs
  95. A rare pop song from the 80's
  96. An old ballad song from the 70's/80's
  97. Classic 60's Song, Female Singer
  98. A new wave/synth-pop song from the 80's
  99. A pop song from 80's/90's with the style of UB40
  100. Just know a story of the music video
  101. Question about a song of the 80`s
  102. Prostitution Movie Scene...Comedy
  103. Can you identify this one?
  104. Acetates
  105. A house/dance song from the 80's/90's
  106. What else does this song sound like?? Am I thinking Zombies??
  107. Christian Rock Protest
  108. Sleezy 60's rock song
  109. Another 80's/90's pop song I want to hear...
  110. Aneasy listening/Orchestral pop/Jazz song from the 70's/80's
  111. A song from the 70's/80's (Easy listening, orchestral pop)
  112. A song from the 80's I heard when I was a child!!!
  113. Lyric Find
  114. help me find this song & band
  115. Similar McCartney Melody
  116. Beatle John and Yoko Question
  117. What's this song? [90's kids]
  118. Name This Old Song
  119. Please help me to find the name of this song (Video)
  120. Paul McCartney Quote
  121. What is this song/video?
  122. Unknown song, with mp3
  123. What does this Tori song sound like?
  124. Help me find this song!
  125. Hoping to hear this song again!
  126. Name that Tune
  127. Hey who is this guy
  128. Another Paul McCartney Footage
  129. Looking for Beatle/McCartney Footage
  130. Please help me to identify a rare track of 60s-end garage
  131. Randy Newman Clip ????
  132. more of a music video really...
  133. Try This One
  134. Brain Twister
  135. [AUDITS] song game "Guess the Song"
  136. Game: Guess the song
  137. Not really a tune but a quote
  138. Mystery Songs
  139. Help me find this song PLEASE!!
  140. Help! What song is played on this clip?
  141. QUESTION-unknown 70s song
  142. Hello And I Need Help!
  143. Song from the 70
  144. Looking For A Song/Video Something About Finding The Door
  145. Can't Wait For My Heaven?
  146. Help me identify the blues
  147. IF by Kojak
  148. My unknown 70s rock songs. Help Please.
  149. Unknown Great Metal Soundtrack - 1993 or Before
  150. Vague memory of an early 90s video
  151. Searching for a disco song
  152. Does anybody know this song???
  153. Melodic hard rock song - what is it?
  154. Anyone knows what's this song?
  155. An old 60's song about a monster or something
  156. LAWD HALP ME. I'm stuck!
  157. glam rock track with wah-wah
  158. Wreck the radio
  159. looking for a song
  160. I need more tracks like this one [dire straits you and your friend]
  161. starlight? so right?
  162. Please help identify artist and song
  163. classic rock song?
  164. Please help me identify this song
  165. tylenol arthrightis commercial
  166. unidentified goth metal song
  167. Tune I've been looking for
  168. One Second Clip
  169. Living in America
  170. Song from this video
  171. 1990's alt rock song starting with phone key tones
  172. Name that song one second challenge.
  173. Here's one for the Group...
  174. Timbaland Uncredited Rock Sample?
  175. Help to identify 70's songs
  176. identify song
  177. What Would I be without your love?
  178. Find a rock (or blues?) of the 70's, I think.
  179. Help I don't listen to rock
  180. song from weird video
  181. Childhood song.
  182. Identifying a rock song
  183. Song that sounds like Johnny B Goode?
  184. Does anybody know this Rock Song
  185. Help me. pleese search music
  186. who is this song by
  187. please help me
  188. help me please
  189. Help
  190. Need help with a song
  191. What band? Complete song
  192. Need to know what song this is
  193. Anyone recognize this tune?
  194. Need help figuring out a song based on clip!
  195. need to know the artist & song name
  196. looking for some music like this album
  197. i need help remembering a song and its band
  198. Can you recognize a song from a one second clip?
  199. Loking for
  200. Help looking for a track please ?
  201. 2 buddies are draggin' across the USA in their 747s
  202. What Zeppelin-song is this???
  203. who knows about this song?
  204. Song Lyrics Driving Me Crazy
  205. Does Anyone Know
  206. Does anyone know what song this is?
  207. Help Needed! "Closer / Much Closer Now / Dance The Night Away"
  208. 60s/70s Song...I Think It's A Ballad
  209. HELP 60's-70's
  210. please i need this name music
  211. This is gonna be a tough one.
  212. Please help ID a song from the 60's
  213. Can't figure out this song.
  214. Who's this artist?
  215. Who's those artists?
  216. David Arquette, midget stripper and Rock 'n' Roll!?
  217. Help ID 1973-1977 song
  218. Great Cover Versions,with no clue
  219. Summer of '67 - Cleveland, Ohio
  220. This one is quite a challenge... maybe.
  221. Dunno if anyone can help me indefenite 00s song with the description of clip
  222. 80's hair metal fans help me identify this band!!
  223. which movie
  224. Help to find the name of the music
  225. Deep Purple/Whitesnake song from the 70s (with an organ)
  226. rock song with female vocal
  227. Need help (probably phychodelic rock)
  228. Looking for a Particular Classic Rock Song
  229. Bo Diddley Live Album?
  230. Please help me find the song's name - british rock
  231. 60's song that I can't recall anything but...
  232. Who Sings This 80s Song?
  233. PLS help find 80s song akin to ZZ TOP??
  234. 1971 mystery song !
  235. Please help me. Who is these singers ?
  236. anyone remember what album these songs are from?
  237. Awesome live performance on youtube
  238. Help with this song
  239. 70's music
  240. Help identifying this tune!!
  241. Who does this group sound like??
  242. Who sang Rock n Roll Summertime?
  243. Need help identifying an obscure 80's rock song
  244. Heard a Beatles-like song
  245. Name this please vol.2
  246. Name this please
  247. Need help identifying 60s/70s song
  248. An Old Kids Party Record
  249. Relic's unknown song No. 8
  250. Relic's unknown song No. 7