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  1. "Highway Tune" -Greta Van Fleet (Led Zeppelin is back!!)
  2. "Wait For Her" -Roger Waters
  3. "Light In The Dark"-Revolution Saints
  4. "Main Offender" -Lynch Mob
  5. Cats In Space tackle social media 'craziness' with Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
  6. "Johnny's Band" -Deep Purple (longform)
  7. "Take It Easy" -Eagles (Deacon Frey vocals)
  8. "Defying Gravity" -Mr.Big
  9. "Po-Dunk" -Kid Rock
  10. "Greatest Show On Earth" -Kid Rock
  11. "Paranormal" -Alice Cooper
  12. David Gilmour - Live at Pompeii (Cinema Trailer) - for one night only September 13th
  13. L A Guns "Speed"
  14. "Wasted" -Quiet Riot
  15. "Miss Me" -Gotthard
  16. "We're An American Band" -Dead Dasies
  17. "Running Out Of Time" -Night Ranger
  18. Is Taylor Swift the new Eddie Van Halen?
  19. Brian Howe - Hot Tin Roof
  20. "American Dream" -Riverdogs
  21. "Song On Fire" -Nickelback (official video)
  22. "Freak Flag"- Quiet Riot
  23. "Paranoiac Personality" -Alice Cooper
  24. "Everybody Needs A Little Trouble" -Mr.Big
  25. "Big Time" -Great White
  26. "Must Be Nice" -Nickelback
  27. "Johnny's Band" -Deep Purple
  28. "Welcome To The New Disaster" -Riverdogs
  29. "Looking For You" -Don Barnes
  30. "Ride The Storm" -Don Barnes
  31. "1992" -Mr.Big
  32. "The Last Refugee" -Roger Waters
  33. "Deja Vu" -Roger Waters
  34. "Dear Daughter" -Halestorm
  35. "Jorja Bleu" -Bret Michaels
  36. "Make Some Noise" -Dead Dasies
  37. "Song On Fire" -Nickelback
  38. "One Of Life's Mysteries" -Harem Scarem
  39. "Smell The Roses" -Roger Waters
  40. "Gone Gone Gone" -Styx
  41. "No Worries" -Sammy Hagar
  42. "I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink" -Warrant
  43. DEF LEPPARD - Adrenalize 25th Anniversary
  44. "Hurt" -Eclipse
  45. Bobaflex - Hey You (Pink Floyd cover)
  46. "Day And Night" -Night Ranger
  47. "Sinking Ship" -Harem Scarem
  48. "Truth" -Night Ranger
  49. "Stop The Rain" -Loverboy
  50. "Apologize" -One Desire
  51. "All I Got Is You" -Deep Purple
  52. "The Seeker" -Quiet Riot
  53. "Comfort Me" -Night Ranger
  54. 50 ac/dc riffs
  55. "Pickin' Up The Pieces" -Tokyo Motor Fist
  56. "Divine Termination" -Chickenfoot
  57. "All Because Of You" -Simon Kirke
  58. "Don't Let Up" Night Ranger
  59. "Paradise Bar" -Deep Purple
  60. "Hip Boots" -Deep Purple
  61. "Book Of Souls" -Iron Maiden
  62. "Rocking In The Free World" -Krokus
  63. "Never Look Back" -Eclipse
  64. "Feed The Machine" -Nickelback
  65. MightyMouseDex - Drumming Prodigy
  66. "Heavy Fire" -Black Star Riders
  67. "Sign Of The Times" -Jacj Russel's Great White
  68. "No One Gets Out Alive" -Thunder
  69. "All I See Is You" -Pride Of Lions
  70. "God Bless This Mess" -Bon Jovi
  71. "Shameless" -Tokyo Motor First
  72. "Coming Home" -Mike Tramp
  73. Rob Halford & Babymetal "Painkiller", " Breaking The Law"
  74. "House Of The Rising Sun" -Krokus
  75. "New Year's Day" -Bon Jovi
  76. "Born Again Tomorrow" -Bon Jovi
  77. Most Hated Albums - You Think You Know Classic Rock?
  78. KISS on The Voice
  79. "Bulletproof" -Queensryche
  80. "Want Too Much" -Stephen Pearcy
  81. "Roller Coaster" -Bon Jovi
  82. "So What" -Dee Snider
  83. "She Moves Me" -Jack Russell's Great White
  84. "Head Job" -Phil Rudd
  85. "We Belong" - Def Leppard (official)
  86. "Ride 'Em On Down" -The Rolling Stones
  87. "Blame It On The Night" -Jack Russell's Great White
  88. "Going All The Way" -Meat Loaf
  89. "It's About Pride" -The Outlaws
  90. "Over You" -Maxx Explosion
  91. "Lonely Road" -Boneyard Dog
  92. "Flame Still Burns" -Foreigner
  93. "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" -Night Ranger 2016
  94. "Kick Like A Mule" -Tyketto
  95. "Young Gun" -Roth Brock Project
  96. "Edge Of The Universe" -Overland
  97. "Long Time Gone" -Glenn Hughes
  98. "Stay With Me" -Gotthard
  99. "We Belong" - Def Leppard
  100. Greg Billings Band with Brian Johnson - Old Friends Don't Come Easy
  101. RUSH: Unboxing Super Deluxe Version Of '2112' 40th-Anniversary Edition (Video)
  102. Black Sabbath - PARANOID (SUPER DELUXE) [Official Unboxing]
  103. "Scars On This Guitar" -Bon Jovi
  104. "November Rain" Gets A Hillbilly Makeover
  105. "Hate To See You Go" -The Rolling Stones
  106. Green Day - Still Breathing
  107. Nick Cave - Magneto
  108. "Labor Of Love" -Bon Jovi
  109. "End Of The Line" -Rik Emmett
  110. "Perefect Strangers" -Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
  111. Bad Company debut new song "Troubleshooter"
  112. "Love Me With Your Top Down" -Kix
  113. "Hate To See You Go" -The Rolling Stones (60 secs)
  114. "We Will Rock You" -Queen (BBC Sessions)
  115. "Get The Funk Out" -Extreme 2016
  116. "Already Dead" -Last In Line
  117. "Knockout" -Bon Jovi
  118. "Night Ranger" -Night Ranger
  119. Is this the best rock ballad ever?
  120. "Sixteen Tons" -ZZ Top
  121. "Childhood's End" -Pink Floyd
  122. "Ride Em On Down" -The Rolling Stones
  123. "Come Together" -The Rolling Stones
  124. "Alone Again" -Dokken (2016)
  125. "Just Your Fool" -Rolling Stones (snippet)
  126. "Take You Home" -Hardline
  127. "She's Tight" -Steel Panther
  128. "Human Race" -Rik Emmett
  129. "Speaking In Tongues" -Meat Loaf
  130. "Rivalry" -Airbourne
  131. Pink Floyd -The Early Years 1965-1972 unboxing
  132. "Visibility Zero" -Kansas
  133. Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle (Live Era '87 - '93)
  134. Guys from Zebrahead looking very interesting in terms of creating quality music
  135. Blue Oyster Cult Perform ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’ in Clip From Audience Network Conc
  136. "Red Dirt Road" -Timothy B. Schmit
  137. "Save The Goodness" -Tesla
  138. "Radio Song" -Michael Sweet
  139. "Dirty Laundry" -Nickelback
  140. Record shopping with Sabastian Bach
  141. "Where Do We Go From Here" -Hardline
  142. "Reach" -Tyketto
  143. "We're Not Gonna Take It" -Dee Snider
  144. "This House Is Not For Sale" -Bon Jovi
  145. "Golden Age" -Michael Sweet
  146. "The Fight" -Operation Mindcrime
  147. "With This Heart" -Kansas
  148. "Southern Native" - Blackfoot
  149. "Left For Dead" -Operation Mindcrime
  150. No way ! ... Oh ... It works !
  151. "Beautiful Broken" -Heart
  152. "The Green Album" -The Beatles
  153. "The Orange Album" -The Beatles
  154. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" -The Beatles
  155. "Down" -Rick Springfield
  156. "Man Enough" -Def Leppard
  157. "(Gene Simmons says) Rock Is Dead" -Helix
  158. "Death Or Glory" -Iron Maiden
  159. "Under The Influence" - Foghat
  160. Bruce Springsteen w/ Bono "Because The Night" Dublin 2016
  161. "Captian Love" -The Winery Dogs
  162. "The Classic"
  163. "Straight Shooter" -Punky Meadows
  164. "Mr. Rock N Roll" -Brian Johnson/ Jim Breuer
  165. Stone Roses New Single
  166. "Spiral" -Eric Clapton
  167. Listen to Train Cover Led Zeppelin's ‘The Lemon Song’
  168. "Hurtin'" -Loverboy
  169. SIXX: A.M. New Album Streaming
  170. "Back In Black" -AC/DC (Axl Rose)
  171. Paul MCartney covers Prince
  172. MOTÖRHEAD's 'When The Sky Comes Looking For You' From 'Clean Your Clock' DVD, Blu-Ray
  173. "Let's Start Something" -Ted Poley
  174. "Stay" -Mike Tramp
  175. "She Makes Me Laugh" -The Monkees
  176. Peanuts Gang Sing Baba O'Reilly By The Who
  177. Ace Frehley - Fire And Water ft. Paul Stanley
  178. Donnie Baker has a message for Axl Rose & AC/DC
  179. Check this music video out!
  180. Peanuts Gang sings Tom Sawyer By Rush
  181. "I Can't Give Everything Away" -David Bowie
  182. Rush Unveil Lyric Video for ‘2112: Overture’
  183. Sock Puppet Parody
  184. Kids Cover Slipknot's Duality
  185. "When I Wake Up Tomorrow" -Cheap Trick
  186. "Wastin' Time" -Peter Wolf
  187. "Ain't No Christmas" -Devid Lee Roth
  188. "Girl Got A Gun" -Inglorious
  189. "Half Past Loneliness" -Royal Hunt
  190. "Starmaker" -The Last In Line
  191. 2 hours of classic MTV from 1982
  192. "Light This Party Up" -Rick Springfield (offical video)
  193. "White Room" -Ace Frehley
  194. "Girl Got A Gun" -Inglorious
  195. Steven Tyler "Skittles" commercial
  196. Lita Ford transforms into schoolteacher for commercial
  197. "Hot Streak" -The Winery Dogs
  198. "Crazy Old Mothers" -Magnum
  199. "Gotten" -Slash
  200. "Mayhem" -Halestorm
  201. "Miss Mayhem" -Rck Springfield
  202. "Dangerous" -Def Leppard
  203. The Eagles top 10 songs
  204. "Red,White & You" -Steven Tyler
  205. "Hotline Bling" -Bob Dylan (Jimmy Fallon)
  206. Cheap Trick Live From Red Rocks TV trailer
  207. "Hinterland" -The Cult
  208. Slipknot - Live Big Day Out 2005 Full Concert [HQ]
  209. Slipknot - Corey Taylor Facebook Q/A - 29-1-2015 HD
  210. "Beth" in new Volkwagon commercial
  211. "One Step At A Time" -ELO
  212. "No Direction Home" -Cheap Trick
  213. "Down" -Rick Springfield
  214. Queen Greatest Hits 1
  215. Jeff Lynne Performs 'Evil Woman' On Jimmy Kimmel
  216. "Fire" -The Winery Dogs
  217. "Martyr" Last In Line
  218. Brit Floyd "Live At Red Rocks" full concert
  219. "Johnny Cash" -Kid Rock
  220. "Light This Party Up" -Rick Springfield
  221. "The Gypsy" -Whitesnake
  222. Help with group name
  223. "The Devil In Me" -Last In Line
  224. Stone Sour "Gimme Shelter"
  225. "I Am The Fire" -Halestorm
  226. Lesser Known Versions Of Well Known Songs
  227. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Slipknot
  228. "Tom Sawyer" -Rush (from R40)
  229. Def Leppard new album commentary pt.1
  230. Def Leppard album sampler
  231. "Who Will You Run To" -Resurrection Kings
  232. Slipknot - Live Rock On The Range (2015)
  233. Slipknot - Custer (LIVE)
  234. Slipknot Funny Moments
  235. "Spirit Of The Radio" -Rush from R40
  236. Slipknot: Audiobiography
  237. How Stairway To Heaven Was Written
  238. Girls School and Motorhead - Please don't Touch
  239. Marc Bolan - Cosmic Dancer
  240. RUSH: 'Closer To The Heart' Performance Clip From 'R40 Live'
  241. RUSH "Roll The Bones" from R40 Live DVD
  242. "Please" -Rod Stewart
  243. "Whole Lotta Love" -Hollywood Vampires (with Lizzy Hale)
  244. Chris Cornell 'Nothing Compares 2 U'
  245. "Let There Be Light" -Stryper
  246. Foo Fighters With Stevie Nicks 9/21/15
  247. "Today" David Gilmour
  248. "Running For The Plane" -Scorpions
  249. "Treat Her Right" - Billy Gibbons
  250. Europe in new Geico commercial