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  1. I Got Some Crush Problems
  2. The Newest Physical Music Format
  3. What do girls wear for rock concerts, parties etc.?
  4. What Video Game Are You Playing???
  5. Protein Shakes & Energy Drinks of choice.
  6. Has this ever happened to you ??? (ordering stuff online)
  7. Anyone ever gamble? Win big, lose it all?
  8. Dumpster Diving
  9. What's Your Weather? Part III
  10. Wasabi Sniffer Video
  11. Vandalism in schools :)
  12. creative writing - should i pitch for publication?
  13. Happy memorial day!!
  14. Microsoft explains internet lingo!
  15. An interesting blog
  16. Read this if you are over 25
  17. Wow talk about speed!!
  18. 3D Printing Shop
  19. help to find a song
  20. Dad Jokes
  21. She Must Be One Of Us is on the new album then..
  22. Anyone ever read Golgo 13?
  23. My 3D printable models
  24. Pearl's Adventures (My original comic)
  25. Internet Forum Sites
  26. So, my cat
  27. BBC - Crowdsourcing Fans' Music Memories
  28. Alternatives to last.fm (Lost.fm)
  29. 'Back to the Future' Toyota Commercial
  30. Two Things that blow my Mind
  31. Bluetooth Headphones
  32. US pharmaceutical company defends 5,000% price increase
  33. In Memorium 9/11
  34. Met a Girl
  35. New LastFM
  36. Analyze Web Traffic
  37. Bald-Faced Wasp (White-Faced Hornet) Nest at my Back Door
  38. Driving your car will be Illegal?
  39. Cable TV - Do you Still Have It?
  40. Startup Programs
  41. Hosts file
  42. Razor-QT - a Wicked Window Manager for Linux
  43. Labels Mull Pulling All Music Videos From YouTube
  44. The Tailgaters Fantasy Football League
  45. Social Media?
  46. What are some of your hobbies outside of music?
  47. One Word That Describes You As A Person
  48. Web Browser add-ons
  49. Favorite web sites
  50. Light you can Touch
  51. Oh My F'in God
  52. Happy Father's Day
  53. Rock Ringtones
  54. I need help Itunes users.....
  55. Least Favorite Insect
  56. Dust off the boombox, cassettes are having a comeback
  57. Linux for the Handiness
  58. Make me laugh
  59. RIP Grooveshark
  60. The days of radio are numbered.
  61. The South Africa Thread
  62. Sir Terry Pratchett dies
  63. The Stun Gun Photoshoot
  64. YOU can buy Kanye air on eBay!!
  65. Producing graphics for an gig/exhibition
  66. My creation: AC/DC Rock Or Bust Windows Theme!
  67. The Things We Do For Love
  68. Any Classic Rock forum members use Spotify?
  69. The Complaint Thread
  70. i like this
  71. The return of...the Sony Walkman
  72. what do you collect as hobby?
  73. Bands and their beer...
  74. Where has lg gone?
  75. RIP Pirate Bay
  76. Tobacco, your view !
  77. Tipping On Take Out Orders
  78. Leonid Meteor Shower 2014
  79. Funniest Comedic Bits (NSFW)
  80. Why do YOU own band shirts?
  81. The worst bands of all time
  82. Happy Halloween!
  83. Well Halloween is the Season of Trolls
  84. What's cooking !
  85. I Do Believe In Spooks, I Do, I Do, I Do!
  86. Looking for older car Blue Book information
  87. Woman gets 3 Boobs ! Is 3 better than 2 ?
  88. Would you have crossed this bridge?
  89. It's over...Apple says goodbye to iPod Classic
  90. What video are you watching right now (non-music)
  91. What quality do you admire most in people?
  92. Old record player
  93. Perseid meteor shower 2014
  94. The future of radio? Songs cut in half!
  95. Thank You Jake T
  96. Team Sooty Is Now Hiring
  97. Atomizer E Cigarettes
  98. Mods Or Rockers?
  99. What Emotion Do U Struggle With
  100. Disco Demolition 2
  101. Or Is It Just Me?
  102. Happy 4th Of July
  103. Designers
  104. Private vs. Public schools
  105. Canada Day!!
  106. Favorite Quotes
  107. Friggin' Internet!
  108. Do You Like Living In These Times?
  109. Snorkelers free a 1-ton whale
  110. Bacon Appreciation Thread
  111. Happy Mothers Day
  112. Technical: looking for help on video editing / animated gif creation
  113. Songs of Torture
  114. Button Poetry (And Other Spoken Word Poetry)
  115. Kids try to use a Walkman for the first time
  116. Tween Trend: Smoking Bedbugs To Get High
  117. Tonight's Eclipse
  118. American Airlines threatened on Twitter..
  119. Tastes Like Chicken
  120. Peaches, daughter of Bob Geldof found dead!
  121. Legendary star Mickey Rooney dies at 93
  122. Who Do You Sound Like?
  123. Help Wanted: Pot Budtender
  124. Adorable 3 Year Old Kid Has Mastered Debating and Has a Future As A Lawyer LOL
  125. Drawing Contest!
  126. WWE Thread (Wrestling Thread Reboot)
  127. Favourite Colour
  128. Which geographical region in the world are you posting from?
  129. First rides
  130. HELP. I've broke my ear buds!!
  131. This Amazing World and Beyond (A Visual/Factoid/Video Thread!)
  132. 2013: A Great Year For Gaming
  133. Exposed: BitTorrent Pirates Found in Parliament, Vatican, US Government
  134. Hob knobs
  135. Justin Beiber is retiring from music
  136. Katy Perry pulls a Milli Vanilli
  137. Tom Laughlin died this passed Thursday, December 12th, 2013
  138. Kids today...
  139. Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013
  140. Plug.DJ
  141. Weirdest Username
  142. This Guy Is My Hero! :D
  143. Well I got this going me!
  144. Which Is Funnier IV
  145. Which Is Funnier? III
  146. Rock Stars' Work for Charity
  147. People claim to read books they haven't
  148. Has the pop backlash begun?
  149. Light My Fire (Kindle, that is)
  150. The Dumbest Thing I Did Today...
  151. Happy Birthday Snoopy!
  152. Which Is Funnier II
  153. And now a word from our sponsors...
  154. Mel Smith Dies
  155. How Do You Take Care Of Your Nails?
  156. Anybody Married Out There?
  157. Embarrassing Moments...
  158. The "Opposite" Of What Comes Natural.
  159. What Month Were You Born In?
  160. Which Type Of Sex Are You?
  161. How Old Are This Forum's People?
  162. What Kind Of Movies Are Your Favorite?
  163. How did You vandalize your school?
  164. pictures from a nice ride yesterday
  165. Signing off
  166. Startin young!
  167. Survey Bachelor Thesis
  168. Science Talk
  169. Favorite lines from songs
  170. Does Lorretta Swit look like Miss Piggy ?
  171. YOU can now stream music on Grooveshark in real time!!
  172. Happy Earth Day
  173. What's Your Bread Preference?
  174. What Fish Tastes Better To You?
  175. Which Type Of Fruit Do You Prefer?
  176. THE Best movie scenes
  177. The Difference Between Expressing Yourself and This.......
  178. Explosion near Boston Marathon finish line
  179. The Very First EP In History
  180. Margaret Thatcher Dies of stroke!
  181. My last 2 bucks
  182. Happy Birthday Grumpy Cat!
  183. 39th Anniversary of 1974 Tornado outbreak
  184. What did you have for Easter dinner?
  185. Rss
  186. Signs Of All Kinds
  187. James Herbert dies
  188. Best Superman ?
  189. Andy Griffith show spoof featuring Rush
  190. Norman Collier British comedian dies
  191. Losing my best friend
  192. More Itunes help needed ugh!!!
  193. 'Cold-caller' left speechless prank
  194. Your favorite tv show themes
  195. Today in history
  196. Old rock station t shirts
  197. My wife on mardi gras float
  198. Back
  199. What Does Your Driving Say About You?
  200. Your job
  201. 245 die in Kiss Nite Club concert fire in Brazil.
  202. 2013 Mobile Mardi Gras
  203. Will be at a parade tonight...........
  204. Amazing
  205. Enter if you dare
  206. The New Art Thread
  207. Diver Rescues Dolphin That 'Asks' For Help
  208. Halloween pics
  209. Justin Beiber proves to be a head banger
  210. Beyonce lip-synched national anthem at inauguration
  211. My daughter
  212. Does anyone find humor in spoofs etc...?
  213. A screen shot of one of my 3d models
  214. Madness or Liberating?
  215. music to my ears (a different kind )
  216. Classic Eddie Murphy movie that was partly filmed in my old neighborhood
  217. One of my 3d google sketchup models
  218. Post old pics of yourself.....even the embarrassing ones ;)
  219. Stop! You're Scaring me!
  220. Sharon Osbourne VS Lady Gaga
  221. Is This Art?
  222. Gerry Anderson Dies
  223. I am officially Retired
  224. What would you call your pub?
  225. Girl Trouble
  226. Connecticut school shooting: 27 people dead, including 14 children: Memorial Thread
  227. Sir Patrick Moore Dies
  228. China's Steve Jobs
  229. British People, please a little bit of help.
  230. Senior Moments
  231. Last.fm: 6 skips per hour limit
  232. Great White Shark Breaching for Rubber Seal
  233. Question for those who use ITunes (again)
  234. Would The Real Shaggy Please Stand Up?
  235. American Music Awards score lowest ratings ever.
  236. Never Forget - 11/16/2012
  237. Weird Baby Echidna Puggle - Real Life Pokemon?
  238. What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?
  239. The WeaponsForum Big Giveaway I
  240. Great White Sharks and Penis Worms Ahhh!
  241. Son, Daughter, Artist, Athelete
  242. Question for Lastfm/Ipod users....
  243. Hurricane Sandy
  244. Paul Lynde HALLOWEEN Special!! 1976!!!
  245. What do you Drive/Ride?
  246. Digital V Vinyl and suggestions on buying a vinyl player
  247. Strip List - Guitar World - Top 50 Guitarists
  248. Someone Help... I can't stop listening to this song!
  249. Favorite Sandwich/Sub Shop
  250. Anyone here ever get road rage?