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Default (Prog Albums #3) Arzachel - Arzachel

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Thrown back together to record album Steve Hillage, Dave Stewart, Clive Brooks and Mont Campbell created this one of "Arzachel" prog rock effort. Due to legal considerations they recorded under the new name, instead of "Uriel" which was the same band. They would go their separate ways afterward Hillage going back to school, and the other three forming the band Egg. Hillage and Stewart would reunite in Hillage's new band "Khan" a few years later, amazing how these artists moved around back in the halcyon days of the English music scene.

Released only 1 album includes a cover song "Queen St. Gang," originally recorded by funk and jazz artist Keith Mansfield titled "Funky Fanfare".

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Default Re: (Prog Albums #3) Arzachel - Arzachel

I've got a couple of Egg albums, and know Hillage from his days in Gong but don't have this album. So many of these young English musicians were flitting from band to band, project to project it's hard to keep track of who did what with whom and when at any given time...

Dave Stewart had the most commercial success by far of the members in Arzachel. I'll put it on my list and see if I can find a copy.
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Default Re: (Prog Albums #3) Arzachel - Arzachel

Took me a long time to find this album in the 90's. I'm a Steve Hillage collector so had to have it. Hillage and Stewart met in Math class. This album was recorded in one day but is a gem of a psychedelic album. The earliest Hillage stuff sounds wonderful and considering Stewart just sweitched to organ he aleady sounds awesome. I believe I've got just about everything Hillage did pre-1980. I also like the Egg albums along with Hatfield and the North and National Health all Dave Stewart bands. Dave Stewart also played on a few Bruford solo albums. Hillages work with Gong and all his solo albums are also gems.
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