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50's Music Discuss the vintage music of the 1950's.

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Just like some of the Coasters' records,"Book Of Love",and Danny and the Junior's "At The Hop",this one smacks of 1950's early rock contagiousness that will always stand as highly symbolic of the times' relatively innocent teen attitudes.Simpler music from simpler times,but not so simple as to detract from its inherent pleasures............
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love it

"There Goes My Baby" The Drifters (1959)

"Since I Don't Have You" The Skyliners (1959)


"I want you as the dream, not the reality..." from "Never Be Mine" by Kate Bush

"In terms of emotional comfort, no amount of physical contact
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That Drifters song sadly seems to be fading from more well deserved prominence in the classic pop fan's realm,but one thing can NEVER change.The fact that it was the first major R&B recording to feature strings.A first is a first.Always and for all time.................
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Default The Chotalls - Bells of Love (Acapella

Hey! just wanted to share The Chotalls - Bells of Love (Acapella). I think this i such a great song. Its perfect for the summer now! Just looking for that love! A great acapella song!

Fun Fact: The Chotalls Recorded 12 Songs in 1 and a half day back in the 1940s

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