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60's Music Discuss your favorite classic rock and other music from the 60's.

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Originally Posted by Max Mooney View Post
I got ya covered, my brother. *Opens car trunk* I got all the Lava Lamps and Lava Lamp supplies you need!
Thanks for that, unfortunately us Straylians run on 240v if you have one of those that would be great.
It's all good
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IT JUST BEING THE 4TH OF JULY! IT'S TIME TO GET HOT MAD AND MAKE AMERICA ANGRY AGAIN! IT'S TIME FOR GARAGE PUNK PROTEST! BECAUUUSE, afterall, they say that protest is the sincerest form of patriatism right?
Note: Not intended to start political debate. Just a capsule of the unrest of the youth in Mid-Sixties before Hippie culture took full effect in a huge way. This is more of that rough stuff. No Flowery or Sugary Pop. Do I like that too? Yeah. I do. But not the point of this set or thread!

Don't Burn It by the Barons (1966)
The Barons were from Fort Worth, Texas and recorded this HOT SLAB of GREAT PROTEST Punk in 1966. Obviously the title references the burning of draft cards. It takes the viewpoint of a suffering vietnam serving teen with a lot of questions. Interesting to note I suppose is where it was recorded. A more conservative section of the United States.

My Rights by the Acoustics (1966)
The Acoustics were from Upstate New York. This song provides a time capsule of a period in the Mid-Sixties where all you had to do was grow a MopTop in order to get threatened by teachers and the school district with getting expelled. As well as other mundane problems of teen life. Forever cementing the rebelliousness of long hair for generations to come. Forever tainting the motivational posters on the walls decorating the High Schools of yesterday and today and their Pep Rallies.

Don't Tell Me What To Do by the Friedels (Circa 1965)
The Friedels were from my home state of New Jersey! Supposedly the sons of a local Jersey dentist somwhere in the state the Fried boys were. Also a rebellious bunch of cats as I'm sure you'll hear for yourself!

Live & Die by the Barons (1966)
"Live and Die
That's all I've gotta do
I can wear my hair long if I really want to"
Same band as earlier! Simple little rebellious Folk Punker but a definite winner if you need a fire lit under your ass to tell people how it is. The singing on this cut shows a lot more ability on than the other one I must say. Although I don't think that's the point of the last one.

Fluctuation by the Shades of Night (1967)
A protest and slam against almost the entire...DECADE! Lyrically this thing is something else. Stands out in that way. Honestly some of the most well written, unique and memerable Garage lyrics if you have them all figured out! Which I do! He slights long hair and Mod clothes. He slights sports. He slights the All American boy. Rips on Beatle Boots. All he wants to do is get a girl in his bed! Garage legend says the song was apparently banned from airplay on local radio in Texas because when the title is mentioned in the chorus it was thought that it could be misinterpreted or perhaps even interpreted that they were saying the F word.

I'm Going Ahead by The Thingies (1967)
Perhaps the most hippie-ish thing on the set but it's still pretty raw. The band was from Topeka, Kansas and lyrically by the end it feels like a ''I did this before it was cool" kinda thing...but who hasn't felt like that before? The grand scheme of things, that really doesn't matter Daddy-O's. But it sucks when that's the case after enduring bullying about your fashion, music and culture choices.

My Life by Orpheus (1965)
As far as I know this is not the same group from Boston that was part of the short-lived Bosstown Sound movement in the closing years of the 60's that included the likes of Ultimate Spinach and others. A really quirky and progressive record for a record being released in 1965. It's quite unusual for what other things were going on at the time. More lyrics about doing your own thang but it's well written and empowering. I think you guys will love this one. This might have been able to move if it was promoted better in my opinon even with the savage vocals on it.

Times Passed by the Beaubeins (1967)
A really savage budget rocker from Detroit in 1967. It's got an anti-war / Political establishment message but it's rough around the edges and quite trashing! Rocks hard! Has a Raga Rock solo...but otherwise...a certified killer.

The World Ain't Round, It's Square by The Savages (1966)
I saved the dirtiest one for last, kiddies. Not for the faint of heart. It's rough. It's wild. It's savage! Which uh...makes sense, don't'cha think!? These guys WERE an American band but wound up being in Bermuda. I believe they were a cruise ship band which is nuts because this right here is actually a live recording. You can hear the clapping at the end. They had a full live album too and this is in that set of songs I believe. I can't believe they did this live. That alone took guff.

That's all for now. Thank you for all of your feedback thus far, guys. Never let YOUR world become square and remind your friends and neighbors about the DAZE THAT WUZZA LIVIN'! The crazy 1960's.

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We're just getting warmed up...coordinates set to 1966...intent set to stun and AMAZE...and we're ready for lift off...CHUGGA, CHUGGA, CHUGGA, BAM! BOOM! POW!!! It's another collection of currated trashterpieces from your friend and enemy, Max Mooney. I love you. Let's get started! From cheese on the Moon to snot in the noses of angry young TEEEEENS from the bottom of the barrel.

Sad & Blue by the Donshires (1965)
Originally NOT released. This band from Pennsylvania would be local heroes when they turned into a band called the legends. But with this mindlessly wailing guitar and the snotty as all get out vocals, it's one you'll never forget. The bass playing seems a bit on the slide-ish side but I love it. This is what legends are made of. Thanks to Timmy Warren for unearthing this for the world to be afraid of on one of the latest Back From The Grave volumes.

Go Away by the Plague (1966)
These guys attempted to be the angriest and snottiest New Mexican kinks you can possibly imagine! They succeeded! An immortal classic first unearthed on the AWESOME Pebbles Volume 5 back in the 1980's. One of the greatest put downer songs of the 1960's. Punk attitude in spades! So if a Punk comes at you talkin' 'bout how Punk didn't start until the mid 70's...you KNOW not to trust the damn fool. This is where it's at.

I Need You There by The Chessmen (1965)
A rip-roaring-scream-shout-and-knock-yourself-the-FRIG-out GOOD TIME FROM DENTON, TEXAS! This is quite a sceamer. The vocalist doesn't wait for a solo, once his time comes, he's off to the races. Pretty basic riff here, but the passion and feeling is so alive that you don't even care. A true winner of the genre from a state that in this era had it's fill of slammers!

I Want To Be Loved by the Catsanovas (1965)
Mix some jangle with primitive sensibilities and you get this rocker right here. A great track beyond a shadow of a doubt despite how LoFi and raw it is. With the way the singer sounds, he definitely sounds like he was in a professional club group and not just a random teen band playing whatever gig they could get. Wouldn't ge surprised if he was in a more traditional Rock & Roll band before the mid-60's. Perhaps a Rockabilly or Frat Rock band. Think something along the lines of Bobby Fuller. A classic with lots of nice changes throughout. Stays interesting!

Sadie's Ways by the Esquires (1966)
Yet another killer. I kinda feel weird posting this cause when I once uploaded it to my channel, I caught a lot of flack from a band member for doing so. I got threatened with lawsuits haha. Oh well. It IS great. Can't hate them for being jaded about not making it. I GET IT!

You've Got Me Hurtin' by the Passions (1965)
Another ripper from Texas! A lot of people prefer the other side called Lively One and I love that too but this one gets undeservedly forgotten. It's got a cool swing and sway to it perfect for dancing and in my mind...just as much savagery. Great shit!

And with that ends this session of selections from the Moon Man. Please come back another time. I'll be waiting! The Lava Lamp FINALLY heated up. So we can uh...watch it or something.
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Hello all. It's Max Mooney. And I'm back for another round of Garage Rock records. SO GET THE TRUCK UP and GRAB YOUR GIRL, OR GUY, OR GIRL, OR GUY! And get to movin'. It's 2017 and we got squares to make feel uncomfortable!

She's My Kind by Curt Block & The Vibrations (1965)
I'll be honest. I never heard this one until today! I'm not sure how it eluded me for so long, but elude me it did! It must be the horns in it. A ton of Garage collectors really hate horns in their Rock & Roll but I think it makes it interesting since it's kind of a rare thing...and in this case...adds a nice bit of Frat Rock flare in it. I can see the ivy league sweaters now.

Dance Baby by Little Mac & The Bravados (Circa 1964 - 1967)
A great little blaster with definite R&B influence. But definite Garage Rock feel as well. This is a bit lower on the savagery scale....but it's still got a great driving beat, it's genius in it's simplicity and dance-a-bility and has some great / excitable screams. A definite winner of a recording I discovered this year. I wonder if this is the same Little Mac who grew up to be a boxer in a great Nintendo arcade cab in the 1980's. Hmmm. This is a Detroit recording.

Love Me Baby by Rick Lane & The People (1966)
"Love me, baby, now
Just like a stranger that is all alone
You need a liar, a liar, that isn't gone"
Another Garage Rock track with some horns in it. This one from Louisiana and you can definitely tell as Rick Lane has quite the deep South type'a Southern draw. Pretty cool track with his rough vocals. Not one that's bound to be spun at a Record Hop or anything. But something you'd rarely see posted anywhere else so I'll treat ya to it!

Abba by the Paragons (1967)
Definitely one of the greatest Garage Pop records of ALL TIME. Especially considering that this one didn't do a whole lot out of it's own area. These guys made it to local television and that was about it. But this song is immortal and an ultimate time capsule of the era that despite it's unruly-ness, was still far more innocent than the world today. The other side containing a cover of Mister, You're A Better Man Than I by the Yardbirds...this song proves that the band could do their own thang too being the couple of teeners they was. It's got lyrics that are indicative of the Mid-Century, "She said, 'get your haircut, boy. C'mon and get it out of your eyes. Stop your drinkin' and smokin', boys. And tellin' all of them lies.' " and it's just pure fun. It has a crap ton of jangle and there's really not a whole lot to dislike about it. There's a pretty small amount of people that you could show this to that wouldn't have a blast hearing it. It just makes you feel good. And we need that on Earth.

Wonderin' by the Squires (1965)
A moody ballad with hypnotic vocals with a fair amount of reverb and a good vocal mellody. The original Emo music is contained in these type of Downer tracks of the 1960's. And this is a pretty popular one in the weirdo obscuro circle of 1960's lovers.

It's Your Choice by the Briks (1965 - 1966)
The Briks were a bunch of bad boys from Texas. This is the Demo version of the recording. The final cut had a 12 string guitar added and is much more tame than this version. The bass isn't as pronounced either. I find this to be the best performance. Great Punk-ish vocals. This isn't their only great song by the way. I also enjoy I'm Losing so check that one out for your boy Maxi won't ya!?

Like A Rolling Stone by the Soup Greens (1965)
Ever wanted the HUUUUUGE Bob Dylan classic to sound like Louie Louie? No? Okay. Well too bad. The Soup Greens done did it to ya.

You're Never Gonna Love Me Anymore by the Bucaneer's (1966)
A band from my home state of New Jersey. Quite a shredder. Apparently this guy is one you want to avoid in a committed relationship. He's cheated twice before...and now once again...as documented on this rare as crap recording. One of the best short slice-n-dicers though. Just don't date the singer. He ain't your Amigo!

Bird '65 by the Trashmen (1965)
Here's a real long gone treat for ya! Everybody here probably knows the original cut of Surfin' Bird...but the Trashmen were much more than that! They also followed that up with some great A and B sides that have nothin' to do with a bird that surfs! Even a Dylan-esque side (Same Lines) that's EXTREMELY rare! They followed Surfin' Bird up with many things...but primo among those is Bird Dance Beat...and this...Bird '65. True to the name of the band this is 100% a trashterpiece. It's so grimy and Lo-Fi that to this day nobody knows what's going on in the backing track. But that doesn't stop this from being somethin' else, Daddy-O, lemme tell ya. There's gotta be some Fuzztone in there...I'm positive I hear it! This is one of the rarest records in their Discography. Good luck finding one. I sure won't!


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