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Death/Doom/Black/Gothic Metal Discuss death/doom/black/gothic metal bands in this forum.

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Default Rise To Fall (Official Thread)

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I recently just added this band to my Melodic Death Metal Recommendations thread: http://www.classicrockforums.com/for...tml#post406724

But I felt that it was necessary to give them their own official thread the more that I have been listening to them. Rise To Fall has got to be one of the most underrated melodic death metal bands that I have found recently and throughout my findings. They've got power, their quality is incredible, and the vocals fit the powerful riffs perfectly. Not to mention, they've got a lot of kickass guitar solos. When I say that I want some good melodic death metal bands to listen to, Rise To Fall is the kind of band I like to hear in terms of what i'm looking for within the genre. I'll definitely be making sure that these guys become a regular listen for me as I attempt to fill my library with their entire discography. I don't want to say that they are the perfect band for the genre, because it's difficult to reach perfection in any genre, but they definitely have got a lot of talent.


METAL ARCHIVES: Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives - Rise to Fall

MYSPACE: RISE TO FALL - NEW LIVE VIDEO AND SONG NOW!! | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos

They've currently only got one album released so far, but it's definitely got a good start to their career. This band will definitely go very far if they keep to the sound that this album offers. I've been giving it a listen on Youtube before I purchase it, and I am far more impressed than I thought I would be.

Restore The Balance

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Default Re: Rise To Fall (Official Thread)

I just got my copy of Restore The Balance. I'll be giving it a listen and will possibly be writing a review for it. I am expecting some good things as I listen to the album as a whole. Hearing the songs on Youtube was convincing enough.

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melodic death, melodic death metal, restore the balance, rise to fall

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