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Default In Search Of The Lost Chord

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After a few years of delivering pleasantly persuasive American R&B influenced material,"The Magnificent Moodies" as they were heralded in the title of their first American LP embarked on a series of ethereal,mind expanding works commencing with "Days of Future Passed",the first album length marriage of rock and the the more colourful aspects of classical.Though this is their only true groundbreaking proposal,my personal favorite of their forays into the sophistications of cosmic yet earthly philosophy remains 1968's "In Search of the Lost Chord",a record that instead of the rigid classical tones of "Passed" employs an exotic structure I find far more accessible to its intended hippie audiences.As much as the MB's have been criticized for espousing rather puerile existential observations,I've always thought this to be part of their intent of purpose,to override man's struggle with the mundane activities of day to day living with the healing energies of music sympathetic towards such life conditionings.Side one of the vinyl standes testament to the glories of late 1960's psych-rock album construction,complete with dearth of space between tracks,a practice employed by the Beatles on "Sgt. Pepper",creating a tight knit programme of much worthwhile musical fare sure to entrance the listener with its other worldly aural evocations,including the gleefully meaning-of-life explorative hit 45 "Ride Me See Saw" and the Birmingham,England quintet's ode to LSD provocateur Tim Leary("Legend Of A Mind").The second half of "Chord" plays curiously involved with passive aggressively charminbg pastoral works("Voices in the Sky","Visions of Paradise","The Actor")the insightful powers of the human mind ("The Best Way to Travel")and an all-out album closing transcendental God prayer("Om")"Dr. Livingston,I Presume" may be throwaway,but even that one is still quite fun......................

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Nicely written review, HG!

This is also my favorite Moody Blues album.

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HGM well written review on a classic album of the Moody Blues...
Hippie-Freak-Mother Earth Child...

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