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Default I Hear Sirens - Beyond the Sea, Beneath the Sky (2009)

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I Hear Sirens - Beyond the Sea, Beneath the Sky

When it comes to post rock, I Hear Sirens is one of the first bands I think of either to introduce somebody to the genre, or if I am being asked what I would say is my favorite in the genre itself. Beyond the Sea, Beneath the Sky does an incredible job at setting an eerie mood, as most or all post-rock should. It's one of those albums where you simply have to sit there, and allow the music to tell the story for you. As would be expected, there are no vocals on this album, it's completely instrumental. But they are some of the most beautiful instrumentals i've ever heard.

This album, in my opinion, follows what post-rock should be. It should tell a story, even if the story changes with person to person. You should be able to feel the music, not only hear it; this album does an incredible job at doing that. You should be led to believe that the music is what you would imagine it to be, and this album does that too. Surprisingly, this album gets overlooked quite a bit, mostly for the fact that post-rock isn't one of the more familiar of genres, but it is a favorite of mine, and is easily one of the most beautiful genres i've stumbled upon. This album as well.

A few songs I really enjoyed from this album are:

I do wish post-rock would get more recognition than it does, but I don't have much of a problem when it doesn't. It's music that one has to truly be ready for to really get into it. This album would absolutely be a good start if you're willing to give the genre a chance.

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