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Name that Tune Do you need help identifying a song or artist of a song, then post your request here.

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Default What is this 80s song??

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I wouldn't group it with 80s classic rock really, but nobody else has been able to help answer this question for me.

I discovered this cassette tape in the early 90s, and it was recorded at a much slower speed than normal. It had two songs on it that were slowed down about 60%. The first one was "Cry" by Waterfront, but the second one I cannot find anywhere! The words are also nearly impossible to make out. The only part I can sort of hear is on the hook "A NEWWWWWWW DAYYYY HAS COME. AND I CAN SEE THE..." and thats all I can hear. And the verse format is "na na naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa naaaa. na na naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa naaaaaa nananaaaa" (which are words i cannot make out.

Does anyone recognise this? Or what it could be? If needed, I can link to a video of it playing on the cassette so you can hear it. It used a lot of minor chords on the main verses and the chorus was less so.
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You should link it so we can hear
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Maybe this song?

Edit: That song is from 2002 and wouldn't be the one.
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Could it be "A New Flame" by Simply Red?
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