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Name that Tune Do you need help identifying a song or artist of a song, then post your request here.

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Default Please help me identify this song!

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I've been hunting ever since high school for a song I saw a music video for on late night vh1. I think it was possibly a best of 80s countdown, but there was a music video which featured Marilyn Monroe lookalikes with bright red lipstick marching in place with dull expressions (like a Robert Palmer music video). If I remember correctly (this was 10 plus years ago) the lead singer had black hair. It had a great sort of Depeche Mode -like pulsing bass line with your typical new wave beat. Please help! Don't know artist or song title.
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It wasn't Marilyn Manson's Mobscene or his cover of Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus?
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Something familiar, but I don't remember

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what's that song

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