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Introduce Yourself ! Introduce yourself here.

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Default Hello lovelies!

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Hello! I'm new to this forum as you might know. I thought I'd tell you some things about myself.

I absolutely love music. And that's love with a capitol "L"! Some of my favorite bands/singers would have to be:
Twenty One Pilots
Fall Out Boy
Guns 'N Roses
Bryan Adams
George Michael
Michael Jackson

You can probably guess that I love alternative, rock, and 80s bands, right? Well, you're right. Even though I am 14 years old, I truly would die to be born in 1969. You know why? So I could be a teenager in the 80s! I honestly wish that today was 1980. It just turned 1980. That would be my dream...which probably won't ever happen until I can get a time machine. (I have actually read some articles that show 2017's style will be 80s. The hair, the makeup - everything. I've also been seeing it in some stores. So that's something to look forward to. Also, Hairspray Live is being (or already has in the past few days) been remade with singers nowadays dressed 80s! Did you hear all those 80s songs on the commericals? That's because there's going to be 80s artists touring!)

Anyway, for Christmas I just got a real six string electric guitar! It's a really nice black color. I play the guitar, and the piano! I also sing and rap (when I'm alone of course…, and with my best friend). My best friend and I are planning to shoot to be a future band! Just the two of us.

Those are two of my dreams… we want to try
to get famous when we're 17. We already started writing some songs and all, so I'm sure we will progress a lot by 16...then we might want to start our real band up.

Those are some things about me...involving music. Other than music, I love writing (which might be why writing songs come naturally to me) and reading! (Yes, I mainly can't write (or read) unless I have my headphones on).

Hopefully now you know some things about me…

See you around this lovely forum!
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Nice intro!

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welcome young dude.....
Hippie-Freak-Mother Earth Child...

Musicians Whom Improve My Life Are:

Motorhead Sam Cooke Dinah Washington Slayer U2 Cream Led Zeppelin Beatles Stones Yes Sex Pistol NOFX Rancid Classical Composers Muddy Waters Leadbelly Gov`t Mule Black Crowes ABB Pink Floyd Genesis Iron Maiden N.W.O.B.H.M Doom POP. . .

Hittin` The Note. . . Because Music Matters
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Welcome young dude...

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Hu there!
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Welcome dude. Great intro.
You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth
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Welcome Jitterbug !
.....Uli Jon Roth and Frank Di Mino on the same bill.....
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Hi........ I´m not Lovely. but still WELCOME
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Welcome aboard
You don't tell me...
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