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Earthbound misfit
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Default Re: Bizarre Foods

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Weirdest thing I've ever ate was chicken feet (blech) and pigs brains (double blech). Kudos to the host of this show, I would have puked half my body weight if I was doing his job the first season.
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Default Re: Bizarre Foods

I think everyone has that version of the discount store that sells cheap items that come in from other stores overstock or failed products.

Mine is

It's located in the town where my parents live where I love trying weird things. Between that and my other travels here are Sooty's more eccentric taste. Nothing completely gross but still unique:

Annie Chuns Wasabi Seaweed Snacks

A cellophane texture snack that will clear up your nostrils. Pretty much melts in your mouth. Not horrible but not something I need to get again.

Tropical Confections Key Lime Coconut Patties

Not bad but it's weird how all of a sudden coconut is the new health craze. Well Sooty says **** that and found the least healthy way he could to eat coconut. BTW, I have tried this drink that you find in stores now following the craze:


There was a big glass container of coconut juice at that store and it kind of grossed me out seeing the milky watery substance so i refrained from trying it.

Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai With Blueberry

Not necessarily weird. Actually good but a couple things peak my curiosity here. more than anything the Acai obsession. Like with Coconut water it's been a health craze for a while. How healthy is it smothered in chocolate though. Plus if it's Acai berries then why the **** does it say with blueberry? Did they mate the berries? Is the Acai so high profile that it only does half the job? Any good stuff but would have been just as good regardless of berry I think. Seems like a good company.

Suzie's Naan Crackers Cilantro, Garlic and Chile

Actually really good! They are made from a flattened Northwest India bread and have a great crunchy texture and are very flavorful. They also come in Sea Salt, Curry and Hot Peppers and Yogurt, Dill and Green Onion flavors!

Here are two popcorn flavors I've found that are really good as well as new flavors for me:

Popcorn Indiana Bacon Cheddar Popcorn

Really love this company recently and actually found this at wal-Mart of all places. As strange as this sounds it works and is a great flavor. I also like the Buffalo Cheddar kind.

Oogie's Smoked Gouda Popcorn

Like the title says it's a smoky type of cheese taste and it's great. they really need to change the company's brand name though.

Well, that's my picks for now for strange foods. Now you see two things. That Sooty's not just only eccentric in music but he also has a reason for and evidence of his upcoming bad health. have fun with this thread guys and post stuff in here even if it's slightly different from the norm.
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Default Re: Bizarre Foods

The only redeeming ingredient in those seaweed snacks is the wasabi! Otherwise, yuck! Those coconut things look good boo. I have always loved me some coconut, but NOT coconut water. Tried it once, hated it. Sobe makes a berry flavored one that is decent but the brand you listed isn't very good. Tastes like dirty water. And the chocolate-covered acai is amazing. I get it in bulk at Sam's Club. They also have chocolate-covered pomegranates. Yummy!
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Settling down at last
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Default Re: Bizarre Foods

I'm vegetarian so I steered well clear of the following culinary delights whilst I was away in SE Asia but enjoyed by the locals and some tourists.

Bamboo worms - deep fried
Red Ants - fried
Bull's penis soup
Duck & chicken fetus - just break the shell and there it is for you to snack on. Tiny feathers, little bones, beak and all.
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