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Serious Discussion and Debates This forum is for talk on news and current affairs, politics, religion and science. Please make sure you read the rules here, as touchy subjects require stricter moderation.

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thumbsup This Will Do Alot Of Good

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What a class move on Warren Buffett's part! Nearly 37 Billion dollars to fight disease and improve education! I have to say the Gates Foundation is one charitable organization that gets things done. Schweet!


I hope we all, and the world, doesn't forget what a positive force America can be.
We never stop speaking out, but we begin to hope that our words won't be heard.
- The Alchemist

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Default Re: This Will Do Alot Of Good

Nice to see someone be as selfless as this. Warren Buffett has the right idea about "dynastic" wealth as well.

It's nice to see Americans doing some good instead of all the other crap we're doing as of late. Unfortunately, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates aren't America to the rest of the world. They're two rich guys who happen to be Americans. George W. Bush and his administration is and they are what people see when it comes to America. Most unfortunate.
"Reality is just a collective hunch." Lily Tomlin
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Default Re: This Will Do Alot Of Good

he's an interesting guy, that's for sure.
nice to hear somebody speaking out for 'the estate tax'
you gotta be pretty confident to say you think taxes are good!!

glad to see these guys putting their money where their mouths are.
still, the Old Skool conservative idea that the private sector will take up the slack of a relaxed tax burden....
well, I'd be more than slightly convinced if the two richest guys hadn't already ponied up, you know?

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