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Off Topic Abyss Come on in and discuss anything you want that is not music related.

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Default Internet Forum Debate

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Mr Kite
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Default Re: Internet Forum Debate

Brilliant. Although I must point out a personal flaw related to the outfits worn by the two creatures shown, and thus assume a low socio-economic standing which will be reflected in their arguments.
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Metal Militia
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Default Re: Internet Forum Debate

Sums up a couple of other forums I am on.

It's better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand days as a lamb - Ragnar Lothbrok
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Sub Sonic Soul Shaker
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Default Re: Internet Forum Debate

Had a few go's with some LuLu heads like that before..

Not to distract from your thread Jersey, but they must have made a few of those video's with the same voice.. A friend posted this one on Facebook the other day.. I used to live in Salt Lake City Utah for a few years and this is the god awful truth about their liquor laws..REALLY!!

Iím sleep deprived
Iím beside myself
And Iím afraid that what ever comes out of my mouth
Will lead me into deep waters..
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