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thumbsup Lindisfarne and Alan Hull ! (folk)

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Lindisfarne were a British folk/rock group established in 1970 (renamed from Brethren), fronted by singer/songwriter Alan Hull... Their music combined a strong sense of yearning, often for home, with an even stronger sense of fun. Hit singles included "Meet Me On The Corner", "Lady Eleanor", "Run For Home", and the anthemic "We Can Swing Together", though perhaps their best-remembered song is "Fog On The Tyne" from the LP of the same name.

Fog on the Tyne began their commercial success, charting late in 1971 and reaching No. 1 the following year. Their profile was also raised when Jackson played mandolin on Rod Stewart's breakthrough hit single "Maggie May", even though Stewart only credited him as "the mandolin player in Lindisfarne. The name slips my mind."
By the summer of 1972 they were one of the biggest names in British rock music, stealing the show at festivals and wherever they played.

Somehow they became pretty forgotten if you ask me...

Alan hull himself, solo, did some great stuff also be sure to check him out!

Lindisfarne disbanded in 1975 and Hull released a second solo album 'Squire', then formed the shortlived Radiator, which also included drummer Ray Laidlaw of Lindisfarne and Jack the Lad. At the end of 1977 the original line-up of Lindisfarne reformed after a well-received Christmas show at the Newcastle City Hall which was broadcast on local radio. Thereafter he combined his musical career as front man of the group with a solo career.

In 1994, he recorded Back to Basics, a live all-acoustic survey of the best of his songwriting from 1970 onwards. On 17 November 1995 while working on a new album, Statues & Liberties, Hull died suddenly of a heart thrombosis.

Lady eleanor would be in my top 100 songs... even in my top 50. I don't know what that song has that makes it special... but it is.
The lyrics, the music, the singing,... it all fits.

She tied my eyes with ribbon of a silken ghostly thread
I gazed with trouble vision on an old four poster bed
Where Eleanor had risen to kiss the neck below my head
and bid me come along with her to the land of the dancing dead
And a little further in the song:

Then creeping on towards me, licking lips with tongues of fire
a host of golden demons screaming lust and base desire
and when it seemed for certain that the screams could get no higher
I heard a voice above the rest screaming 'You're liar'
Man, those parts give me goosebumps. I'm probably the only one, but hey, I love to feel special anyway...

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